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  • ipdclub@aol.com
    Hi all, you could say I m an info broker. I do work for PI s here in CT. I have an eGroup also at http://www.egroups.com/group/ipdclub/info.html the group has
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 19, 1999
      Hi all, you could say I'm an info broker. I do work for PI's here in CT. I have an eGroup also at http://www.egroups.com/group/ipdclub/info.html the group has lots of links to aid in searches. We are adding links all the time.I also sell research/search software which you can find here http://www.spyheadquarters.com/aff/348/Scott Schaeffer ps stop in and join my eGroup.Here's more on The Best Investigative Software Available Anywhere!Cyber-

      Cyber-Detective Toolkit

      Click on the banner for order info and more. Download the software within minutes of your order.

      The Cyber-Detective Toolkit has been designed to aid you in investigative tasks that require the gathering of information. It is true that many different investigative sources are available on the internet but depending on what you wish to accomplish, you may require other sources that currently are not available online. Therefore, the toolkit provides of all of these sources including those not found on the internet.

      In order to allow you to access the information you require as quickly as possible the toolkit has been divided into sections . When you first begin, you may find the shear amount of information a little overwhelming but once you get familiar with the various sections of the toolkit, you should be able to find what you require quickly. A brief description of the various sections available within the toolkit is as follows:

      People Reference:

      Information on what investigative techniques and sources are available to those who wish to locate an individual.

      Background Investigations Reference:

      Information on what is available to those who wish to obtain background information about an individual.

      Information Sources:

      Database of the offline sources that are available in each state and useful for gathering investigative information. Provides contact information and notes on each source listed.

      Online Information Sources:

      Large collection of investigative tools and internet information sources including an internet link database divided by category and topic.

      Investigative Database:

      Private, searchable database of investigative tips and resources.

      Software Tools:

      Other software tools that may be useful to the investigator.

      CD News:

      Cyber-Detective notices and news.

      It should be noted that due to the nature of the internet, some of the links such as those found in the information section, may disappear within a short period of time. However, with the purchase of the toolkit comes unlimited free updates. Therefore you have no worry that the toolkit will ever become totally out-of-date but rather you can look forward to always having the latest information sources available to you. Updates are made available approximately every three to five months. To check and see if you have the latest version, use the 'Check for Updates' button found on the main interface screen.


      Thanks for reading this.

      Thats all I have for sale today.

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