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Hello, Being Friday again Something Funny From Leif

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  • Leif
    There Are Drive-Through Rules. 1. Know what you want. How many times have I been behind some moron who chooses now to read the menu? What do you think? There
    Message 1 of 1 , May 6, 2005
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      There Are Drive-Through Rules.

      1. Know what you want.

      How many times have I been behind some moron who chooses now to read
      the menu? What do you think? There will be something new from the
      last time you were here? Could you think about this while driving to
      the place? Have you been living under a rock and you are surprised
      that there are 5 numbered choices? (Or were you to busy on your cell
      phone or beating your children in the back seat) It's not hard
      (unless you are a moron) Hmmm I think I will have a coffee and a
      bagel. It took you longer to read it than think about it. Believe me
      it will make it worth it in the long run, this will give you more
      time to beat your children and talk on the cell phone, please do as
      much as you can while you are driving, so you will crash and thin
      out the herd.

      2. Have your Money ready.

      What? It's a surprise that you are going to have to pay? Believe it
      or not it's not free. You just wasted more of my time. Could you
      find your purse and money while you are in the line instead of
      waiting till you are there at the window? Just move your fat ass
      over and leave your wallet on the seat for easy access and maybe
      have some cash in your hand. If you are digging through all the
      cubby holes in your car for change to pay, you should not be here.
      Get a better job or learn how to manage your money. If you have to
      ask how much or count pennies from the ash tray, you can not afford

      3. Pay Attention

      You are in a line and it might just move. If what ever you people
      are doing in your car is so f@@king interesting go inside the place
      and bring it with you. The reason it's called a drive-through is
      because you might be expected to drive. (You are most likely the
      d@@k who sits at green lights too.) A.D.D. must be the number one
      disease that drive-through users suffer from. Move it along people
      stop wasting my time.

      4. Limit your number of items.

      If there are more than two people or you will be making that pseudo
      sheik yuppie hemp sucking hippie order go inside. The next time I
      hear an order through the drive through that is more than 15 seconds
      long or involves the words halfcaf, lite, nonfat, and so on, I will
      just drive my van into the back of your vehicle. (Here is a good
      scale, if you need to use more than two adjectives to describe any
      item go inside) If you do not know what I mean, it's the people in
      the SUVs with the whole neighborhoods' children and a dog. (Who did
      not follow the first rule) and now decide that they will ask each
      child in turn what they want. Then spends ten minutes repeating the
      whole thing through the speaker, then I have to listen to it get
      repeated and corrected. (This is about the time that my steering
      wheel starts to show forehead marks) You know damn well that they
      won't have their money out and will definitely be attempting to talk
      on the cell phone, beat the children, yell at the dog and drive at
      the same time (more herd thinning, cool). These are the three
      offences that really kill me. Then you know when I tap the horn I am
      going to get the dirty look in the mirror. (That reminds me, if you
      can't drive a standard shift vehicle. Go inside, it's a simple
      process, gas down, clutch up. Not roll towards my vehicle because
      you are not coordinated)

      5. Miscellaneous

      In case there are some of you who are still confused. Here is a
      short guide to let you know who you are.

      - If you are screaming at the speaker because you're stereo is too
      loud. GO INSIDE
      (And you are a moron)

      - If you do not know which group you belong to. GO INSIDE

      - If you want to personalize your meal. GO INSIDE

      - If you decide you don't like what you received, because you did
      not know what to order, don't give it back to the drive through

      - If you are ordering for the whole office or a dozen of anything.

      - If you plan on leaving the decision on flavor, color or type of
      item you want to the drive through employee. GO INSIDE
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