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RE: [infoguys-list] an alternative to PPL

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  • Vicki Siedow
    I ll have to check out that homeowner s policy thing. It sounds like it would be good to have both that and PPL, as you d get the consultation, phone calls,
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      I'll have to check out that homeowner's policy thing. It sounds like it
      would be good to have both that and PPL, as you'd get the consultation,
      phone calls, letters, Wills, traffic & IRS matters, plus the discount
      through PPL (presumably the homeowners policy doesn't cover all that) and
      the homeowners sounds like it would handle most of the rest of the big
      stuff. I agree that the fees do add up when you initiate the suit, but so
      do the discounts. We have people sign up who have a preexisting issue just
      to get the discount. Paying $26 a month to get 25% off on, say, that
      $75,000 cost sure sounds like a good deal. Thanks for the tip!

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      I think I'm pretty qualified to weigh in on the PPL debate. I have been
      sued in three states, most recently, my home state of New Mexico for $13.5
      million. These are SLAPP suits (strategic lawsuits against public
      participation) for posts I made about a penny stock company on the financial
      message board Raging Bull. And what things could a person possibly post
      that would justify a $13.5 million suit? Well, I factually stated that the
      company had associations convicted stock fraud felons. I questioned their
      press releases. I won't stray any further off topic to get into the gritty
      details, but you can read about it on my blog Http://www.athena-sword.org.
      I am being defended in these multiple lawsuits by attorneys paid for by my
      homeowner's insurance. If you don't have the rider on your homeowners policy
      that pays for your defense in legal disputes, I absolutely urge you to get
      one today.

      My defense to get the Nevade suit against me dismissed on jurisidicational
      grounds cost $38k. The Florida suit for dismissal on jurisdiction has
      gotten complicated and is probably up to around $75k by now. The New Mexico
      attorneys are charging $10k a MONTH. This rider cost an extra $10 month or
      so on my policy (I had it in place for years).
      Because of my claim, my homeowner's premium will go up $30 a month for 2
      years. When you have such coverage it is insurance company's fiduciary duty
      to provide you with representation, and, if there is a dispute about whether
      or not they will cover you (such as in the example of the police
      department), the state insurance board can mediate.
      Unfortunately, the insurance does NOT cover a countersuit for malicious
      prosecution that I have initiated. And THAT is costing me a bundle, even
      with the attorney doing it on partial contingency. It was difficult to even
      find an attorney to take the countersuit because Internet law and the First
      Amendment is such new legal territory.

      If you post on message boards, even if you post the truth and your opinions,
      which should be protected under the First Amendment, you can be sued. I
      call it Censorship by Litigation. I have however, developed some pretty
      outstanding research skills when it comes to investigation of public
      companies and money laundering.

      As far as PPL, when you are talking a percentage of tens of thousands of
      dollars, that would mount up pretty fast in suits like mine. You need full
      coverage, 100% of legal fees.
      I will say that my boyfriend, who is a truck driver, has PPL and has found
      it very useful for dealing with traffic violations in different states.
      He's a very careful driver, but there are speed traps and truly bogus police
      harrassment of truckers. In the 10 years he had had PPL they have gotten
      him some kind of deal where he pays bigger fines in order to not have the
      citation go on his record. (Only 3 and he loses his CDL).
      Is it worth the monthly
      cost over what he would have had to pay if he'd just saved the money?
      Probably not, but it is hard to find attorneys in other states.

      And yes, reading about PPL on different websites, there certainly is a lot
      of controversy surrounding it so, IMO, a homeowner's rider (for those who
      homeowners) is the best
      bet. Because, face it. Where there's smoke (controversy) there's usually

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