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RE: [infoguys-list] Pre-Paid Legal -- A Pyramid Scheme With Catchy Name???

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    ... From: Vicki Siedow [mailto:Siedow@LawAndOrder.com] Tsk, Bill. So virulent! I m flattered! You ve been trying to pick one with me for some time.. Ah
    Message 1 of 6 , Apr 1, 2005
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      From: Vicki Siedow [mailto:Siedow@...]

      Tsk, Bill. So virulent! I'm flattered! You've been trying to pick one
      with me for some time..

      Ah shite Vicky, just let it go...
      (Snipped out a bunch of stuff)

      You wrote:
      "Show me an insurance company that covers pre-existing conditions. Does
      your health insurance cover you when you've been diagnosed prior to signing
      up? "

      Actually, Vicki, it is now the law that insurance companies cover
      pre-existing conditions if the insured can prove coverage for the same
      condition, with any form of insurance, for the previous 12 month period.
      (Medicaid and Medicare DO qualify as insurance coverage too)
      No break in coverage is allowed but the new insurance company is also not
      allowed to get a one year vacation on covering the condition, regardless of
      what it is, as long as there is proof of coverage for the preceding 12 month
      I might not know much about a lot of things, but believe me, with my medical
      bills for my son, I know about insurance and how to make them stand up and
      bark like the bitch dogs they are!

      As long as we're on the topic, I've been solicited to sell PPL. Once I got
      into the pitch room, you know, that separate room that the rep takes you
      into, so no one else can hear what it is goes on during the actual sign up
      process....yeah, that one, I made the comment that this all looked strangely
      like AmWay with a twist..oh, he didn't like that comment, made a smart
      remark and well you can guess how that meeting digressed from there knowing
      my temper. In short, it smelled like a giant scam to me back then and I've
      never been able to get over that slimy feeling I get whenever I hear about
      PPL or other gimmicky MLM schemes, no matter what they sell. The only
      pre-paid legal system I've ever seen work was the one we had back when I was
      a police officer called CLEAT (Combined Law Enforcement yada yada, I can't
      remember what the A and T stood for) those guys were a state pool for police
      officers, we paid dues and if you got into something and needed a lawyer, it
      was truly pre-paid. You're dues didn't go up, your representation was by
      attorneys that specialized in representing police officers and you didn't
      pay one dime to the lawyer, ever. The contract/agreement was about three
      paragraphs long too. I agreed to have them deduct a certain amount from my
      check, they agreed that as long as I was a member and I got sued or
      arrested, they would represent me. It was that simple. Anything that needs
      ten pages of finely typed, single spaced paper to cover always gives me that
      hinky feeling down at the base of my neck.........you know, that weird
      feeling you get when you know you're about to get poked in the eye but can't
      stop it.....yeah, that is what it is like.
      Have a great day, best of luck in selling that stuff........but it was a
      little tasteless to blatantly advertise using Michele (with whom I have no
      special love loss or anything) to boost it.
      Last thing, if Bill really wanted to pick a fight with you, he'd simply get
      on a plane and come to your house to argue his point, he doesn't need an
      underlying, concocted reason.........he's pretty up front about that sort of

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    • Vicki Siedow
      Happy to, Kirsti. Here s my link, I ll give you a ring, or you call me with questions. As you say, with the cost of attorneys, and the even higher cost of
      Message 2 of 6 , Apr 1, 2005
        Happy to, Kirsti. Here's my link, I'll give you a ring, or you call me with
        questions. As you say, with the cost of attorneys, and the even higher cost
        of not consulting one, this is a "must." As Investigators we absolutely
        must consult attorneys often. Since Teri Shiavo everyone wants a Will, and
        a Living Will. Since ChoicePoint & BofA, the Identity Theft Shield is in
        huge demand because it includes restoration of your identity. Our clients
        all need legal advice, and I prefer that they get it from a qualified
        attorney, not from me. I also prefer that they have enough money left over
        to hire me. It's win/win.


        Vicki Siedow
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        I don't know much about pre-paid legal, but interested in learning more.
        Please send me some info. With $225 hr avg attorney fees and the litigous
        society we live in, is certainly worth at least looking at.


        Kirsti Ekeholm,LPI
        Ekeholm and Associates, LLC
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