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OK (Leif) I apologize to the group for what you are about to read

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  • dr.hawaii
    Leif: Sounds like some idiot from Burger World (the restaurant that Beavis and Butthead worked at) has too much time on their hands. Hope your public
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 30, 2005

      Sounds like some idiot from "Burger World" (the
      restaurant that Beavis and Butthead worked at) has too
      much time on their hands.

      Hope your "public message" solves everything.

      Dr. DHL Haitsuka
      Aaron Alexander Services
      All-Around Services Limited
      PO Box 806
      Aiea, HI 96701-0806

      --- Leif <spyzilla@...> wrote:
      > (Sorry to the members that have to read this
      > garbage. Sometimes you
      > just have to make a point.)
      > Here is your public post.
      > Well there Mr.********
      > I will, reiterate the fact that I do not want nor
      > have I ever wanted
      > links or support from your organization. I did not
      > offer to buy or
      > sell you anything. I am uninterested in any further
      > contact. You are
      > a self serving, worthless individual. I do not
      > condone the actions
      > of others who may or may not be listed. Infoguys.com
      > did not nor has
      > it ever charged for any software or links or
      > information. As I
      > explained to you the only thing that Infoguys
      > charges for is a
      > second link. (And most times I don't charge for
      > that.) You, and I
      > mean YOU clicked on a link that took you away from
      > http://www.infoguys.com there at what ever site you
      > were at, did YOU
      > enter your credit card information, your email and
      > your name. I did
      > not ask you to. I am still sorry for you. There are
      > scams abounding
      > on the internet. I asked you to report the link to
      > me, YOU did not.
      > I offered to help you get your money back and YOU
      > threatened to sue
      > me. Then YOU went so far as to accuse me of trying
      > to cheat you out
      > of 30.00 dollars $30.00? Is that what YOU think my
      > integrity is
      > worth? F@@k you!
      > Since you asked me to post this in a place where it
      > could be read by
      > anyone here it is. Do not forget to make a screen
      > shot of this post
      > as I could go and change it to (your words)
      > "Embarass you in front
      > of your boss"
      > Now go to your lawyer's bakers or candlestick
      > makers, whomever you
      > are going to report me too. I have made a public
      > statement on the
      > group for you, will this stop you from sending me
      > email? I am asking
      > nicely this one last time. Please stop sending me
      > emails.
      > BTW: I cc'd this to your boss along with all the
      > emails you sent me,
      > whom I spoke with this morning. He asked that I go
      > through with this
      > silly little waste of time.
      > And along with all of this here is a free
      > investigation tip for you.
      > You're email you know the part after the @ That is
      > the domain you
      > are writing from. When someone puts that in a
      > browser as a url it
      > goes to the site. From the site you can click on
      > about us or contact
      > us. From there you can get a phone number to call
      > and ask for the
      > person in charge. From there you speak with them
      > like an adult and
      > explain your situation and come to the conclusion
      > that some people
      > should not be allowed to touch computers.
      > Now in my own grand tradition. I apologize to the
      > entire group for
      > my little tirade
      > Leif

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