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Re: Getting Information On Tracing E-mail From The Internet

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  • twnsnd_mrk
    ... As I understood the poster s question, he wants to know HOW to go through this learning process, and whether the publications mentioned would be of value
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 21, 2005
      --- In infoguys-list@yahoogroups.com, "spies_online"
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      > Eric:
      > While I do love pulling up things on search engines, I do want to
      > caution you that there is a lot of information posted that is just
      > plain incorrect - even from organizations that may seem reputable at
      > first glance. Some sites make the assumption that e-mail headers
      > aren't forged. By learning how to actually "forge" an e-mail, you
      > will see that it is quite possible for you to invent your
      > own "Received" lines, as many as you want, and insert them into the
      > headers of an e-mail. You need to understand this process and see
      > where the phony "Received" lines turn up in an actual header. If you
      > go through this learning process, it will help you to discern some of
      > the sites are giving misleading or not completely accuarte
      > information.

      As I understood the poster's question, he wants to know HOW to go
      through this learning process, and whether the publications mentioned
      would be of value in that respect. I believe my comment about the
      items available on the net did not endorse any and all material to be
      found there - just that there is material to be found on the net that
      is at least as informative as that found in the cited publications -
      which also have information that is "plain incorrect" as you so kindly
      put it.

      > I believe one of the books you mentioned, by the way, is being used
      > as a reference by Dr. Tom O'Connor for a criminal justice class (the
      > one by Ralph Thomas and Kelly Riddle). I have not read the book and
      > cannot personally comment on it, but you may wish to e-mail Dr.
      > O'Connor for further information about the book. Here are his
      > lecture notes that mention the book (see the bottom):
      > http://faculty.ncwc.edu/toconnor/426/426lect05.htm

      I expect the fact that you have not personally read the Thomas/Riddle
      book supports my argument that the best instruction in this area is
      that where you can ask questions of an instructor, get feed-back, get
      the benefit of that person's personal experience, and so on.

      Your reference to the criminal justice class also indicates you
      endorse hands-on education, where the instructor uses publications as
      reference, but not as a substitute for one on one teacher-student
      interaction. So I don't think we are really in disageement on these

      > Best,
      > Joanne Waldron
      > Spies Online
      > http://www.spiesonline.net
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