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Just A Few Studies Done On Graphoanalysis/Handwriting Analysis

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  • Arnold De Armond
    For the skeptical among you regarding whether or not the science of handwriting analysis has ever been studied....here are a few places you can go for
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      For the skeptical among you regarding whether or not the science of
      handwriting analysis has ever been studied....here are a few places
      you can go for information. Kindly note among the many authors
      listed, many are Phd's with both knowledge and experience in
      handwriting analysis!

      Examining Horizontal Lengths of Signatures in True vs False
      Statements * Hatfield, Iris, E. Edward Peeples, PhD, and Robert
      O'Block, PhD Human Graphics Center for Research and Information,

      The use of graphology in criminology Hearns, R. - Criminal
      Psychopathology, 3, 461-464, 1972.

      Conditional Handedness * Heninger, Polly
      Handedness changes in multiple personality disordered subject reflect
      shift in hemispheric dominance Consciousness and Cognition I, 1992.

      The Theory of Contraction and Release in Handwriting as Related to
      Brain Dominance; 1990. * Hermann, Ned and Jeanette Farmer

      Facilitating Assessment of Dangerousness by Using Characteristics of
      Handwriting * Ianetta, Kimon and Reed Hayes, James F. Craine, PhD &
      Dennis G. McLaughlin, PhD - Hawaii, 1992.

      Can stress be measured by handwriting analysis ? Keinan, G.
      The effectiveness of the analytic method; discusses theoretical
      implications and possible advantages of using handwriting parameters
      as an indication of acute stress.
      Applied Psychology--An International Review--Psychologies Appliquee-
      Revue International: V0042 N2: APR 1993: pp. 153-170.

      Parkinson's Disease: L-dopa Treatment and Handwriting Areas; Current
      Therapeutic Research Kopp, W., G. Paulson, J. Allen, D. Smeltzer, F.
      Brown & W. Kose -12, 3, 115-124, 1970.

      Reliability and Validity of Handwriting Analysis compared to the
      standard battery of psychological tests and the ratings of therapists
      using the California Q-sort - a Doctoral Thesis, 1993. Kraus, Ron
      (various graphologists)

      Handwriting posture and cerebral organization: how are they related?
      Levy, J., Psychological Bulletin, 91, 3, 589-608, 1982.

      Handwriting Analysis in Diagnosis and Treatment of Alcoholism
      Lewinson, Thea Stein - Perceptual and Motor Skills, Vol. 62, Feb.

      Contributions to the history of psychology Lewinson, T.S. - Naftali
      Aries Remembered 1911-1990.
      Memories of an esteemed colleague and friend, who contirubted
      extensively to understanding of analysis of handwriting.
      Percpetual and Motor Skills, V0074 N3, pp 1181-1182, Jun 1992.

      The Problem of the Validation of Graphological * Lockowandt, Oskar -
      Judgements; University of Bielefeld, Germany (undated)

      * Lomonaco, Theresa, Ross Harrison, and Felix Klein - Hunter College,
      City University of New York, Accuracy of matching TAT and
      graphological personality profiles, Perceptual and Motor Skills, 36,
      703-706, 1973.

      Analysis of the writing and drawings of patients with severe brain
      damage Luria, A. - Higher Cortical Functions in Man, Basic Books,

      Graphology: Towards a Hand-Picked Work Force Lynch, Brian - ;
      Personnel Management, Mar. 1985, v17n3, p. 14-18.

      Hemispheric Specialization for Handwriting in Right-Handers Mack, L. -
      Brain and Cognition; V0021 N1, pp 80-85, Jan. 1993.

      Handwriting and Perceptual Motor Skills in clumsy, dysgraphic, and
      normal cihldren Maeland, A.F.- Perceptual and Motor Skills: V0075 N3,
      pp 1207-1217, Dec. 1992.

      Montano, Nicholas J. - Neuropsychology of language dysfunctions
      correlating to features of written language; Alzheimer Disease;
      neurological disorders; Masters' Thesis

      Mullins, J.- A handwriting model of children with learning
      disabilities; Journal of Learning Disabilities, 5, 306-311, 1972.

      Nevo, Baruch - National Institute of Testing & Evaluation, University
      of Haifa - Graphology Validation Studies in Israel: Summary of 15
      years of Activity; International Association for Applied Psychology,
      Jerusalem, July, 1986.

      * Nevo, Baruch - Yes, graphology can predict occupational success:
      Rejoinder to Ben Shakhar, Et Al; Perceptual and Motor Skills, 66, 92-
      94, 1988.

      Pearl, R. - The value of handwriting in neurologic examination; The
      Mount Sinai Journal of Medicine, 41, 1, 200-204, 1974.
      Peeples, E. Edward, PhD, University of Northern Colorado -
      Measurement of Handwriting Factors; Perceptual and Motor Skills, 68;
      142, 1989.

      Peeples, E. Edward, PhD, University of Northern Colorado - Copied
      versus free writing, 1993.

      Peeples, E. Edward, PhD, University of Northern Colorado - Genetics
      and handwriting, a study of the handwritings of family members, 1988.

      Pritchard, Anita - Reliability of graphological judgments based on
      different techniques of handwriting analysis; Szondi Test as a
      diagnostic tool in a clinical setting; Doctoral Dissertation (date

      Sara, C. - Handwriting as a tool in the diagnosis of the hyperactive
      child. A blind study of the handwritings of 24 children comparising
      one hyperactive group of 8 and two control groups of 8, one group
      normal and the other slightly retarded. They were analyzed for 17
      personality characteristics measured for four degree of
      intensity...The profiles obtained by graphological analysis match the
      appropriate clinical profiles. In A. Carmi & S. Schneder (Ed's.),
      Experiencing Graphology, 1988.

      Sassoon, R. - Childrens Handwriting As An Indicator of Stress;
      International Journal of Psychology; V0027 N3-4, p 440, Jun-Aug 1992.

      Schwarz, Daniel (graduate student) College of Criminal Justice, New
      York A validity study of graphology: Its usefulness in assessing
      integrity in identifying people prone to committing theft; Master's
      Thesis, 1992.

      Smith, Willa, Ed.D - Relationship between handwriting and creativity
      in 5th grade children; Doctoral Dissertation, 1984.

      Steimach, G. (Ed.) - Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ; Motor
      Control of Handwriting, 1991

      Steward, R. A. C. - Effects of self-esteem and status on size of
      signature; Perceptual and Motor Skills, Vol.44, 1977.

      Swanson, B. & R. Price - Signature size and status; Journal of Social
      Psychology, 19, 63-67, 1972.

      TenHouten, W., M. Seifer, P. Siegal - Aloxithymia and the split
      brain: Evidence from graphological signs. Psychiatric Clinics of
      North America, 331-338, 1988.

      Vellutino, F. - Dyslexia; Scientific American, 34-41, March, 1987.

      * Wellingham-Jones, Patricia, PhD,RN - Evaluation of adolescents'
      self-esteem through the Coopersmith Self-Esteem Inventory and
      graphometric analysis of students' handwritings. Perceptual and Motor
      Skills, 1987, 65,421-480.

      Wellingham-Jones, Patricia, PhD, RN - Characteristics of Handwriting
      Subjects with Multiple Sclerosis; Perceptual and Motor Skills, 73,
      867-879, 1991.

      Wellingham-Jones, Patricia, PhD, RN - Mouth writing by a
      quadriplegic; Perceptual and Motor Skills, 72, 1324-1326, 1991.

      Yank, Jane Redfield, MSSW - Handwriting variations in Individuals
      with multiple personality disorder; Dissociation, vol. IV, No.1,
      March 1991.

      Zaklan, Marilyn - Graphology in the field of mental health: A
      diagnostic tool; Master's Thesis.

      Zwigenhaft, R.L. - Signature size: A key to status awareness; Journal
      of Social Psychology, Vol. 81, 1970.

      Editor, Drug effects on handwriting; Bulletin of the International
      Graphonomics Society, 10-12-13, 1991


      It might be wise to do some further reading before forming your own
      opinion, but "Handwriting Analysis...it works for me!"


      Arnold De Armond
      Chief Investigator
      NightWerx Investigations, Inc.
      P. O. Box 1534
      Southaven, MS 38671
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