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Joanne Waldron and Toxey McDavid..

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  • rmriinc
    To all, I sent one post in, it did not make it here.. But that s my fault, because I probably was not so diplomatic in my post.. Diplomacy is hard for me. LOL.
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 28, 2005
      To all,

      I sent one post in, it did not make it here.. But that's my
      fault, because I probably was not so diplomatic in my post.. Diplomacy
      is hard for me. LOL.

      Let me say this.. I have not posted to the Yahoo Groups for a
      while, because of all of the "fighting and bickering". One can get
      caught up in this, and actually start to lose a small percentage of
      their income from it over a protracted period of time. But this issue
      is worth addressing for the sake of any new P.I.s that may be starting
      out. It is always important as a new P.I. to have good reliable
      sources from which to learn from. So, in this aspect it becomes
      important to address this topic.

      Let me begin by saying that I am not partial to anyone. Jim
      Parker and I have a long history of disagreements. Bill Branscum and I
      have also had some pretty "heated" exchanges. Ian Carter and I had a
      spell where if we would have met face to face we would have probably
      fought. I do not know Jim Cobb, but he seems like a reasonable fellow,
      he seems reserved in what he posts, and he seems like he is not the
      type of person to put himself in the middle of controversial subject
      matter, that's just my observation with what little I see of his
      posts, because I am not on any Yahoo Groups except this one, and I
      only joined yesterday.

      Having said that, let me now also say this. Bill Branscum, Jim
      Parker, and Ian Carter HAVE to be given some credit and respect for
      what they do, and what risks they take every day. These guys put their
      reputations on the line every day. They post in a helpful fashion to
      people, in front of other people that would like nothing more than to
      discredit them in front of a group of their peers. They go into court
      and submit to the intense scrutiny of their work product, in an
      environment in which you are only as good as you were in your last
      court case. They are "put under the microscope" by people that are
      paid to examine them and look for flaws. EVERY Professional Private
      Investigator here deserves that acknowledgment. This profession is not
      easy, you have to be a good Investigator, a good Businessman, a
      personable person with your clientele and still this sometimes might
      not be enough. We take risks that are hard to understand unless you
      have been there.. How many people know how it feels to be examined on
      a witness stand, in an environment where one wrong statement can spell
      disaster for someone depending on you, and total embarrassment for you
      in front of your peers and potential clients? It is "nerve racking".
      All of these things must be taken into account when examining what has
      been posted here the past two (2) days.

      I think that the key issue here is how can these two (2) people
      even dare to disparage the reputations, credentials, and abilities of
      those that have "been there and done that", when in fact these two (2)
      people have not "been there and done that", they only talk about it. I
      think the proper term is "they are the armchair quarterbacks to the P.
      I. profession, more specifically to the arena of cyber investigations.

      I'd like to discuss this for a minute. Ya know, one can read all
      of the books in the world on swimming, but until they actually get in
      the water, they can't swim. One can also write one hundred (100) books
      on swimming, but if they have never been in the water, they can't swim
      either.. The same applies to Joanne Waldron's book. She can write all
      day long about email tracing, she can write one hundred (100) books
      about it, but until she actually does an email trace, goes to court
      with it and makes it hold up under intense scrutiny, she does not know
      how to trace an email. She has no practical examples that she can
      personally recall to base anything she writes on. So, I ask you this.
      How can you trust this book if this lady has never had her work
      challenged and scrutinized to see if it is correct? I would also ask
      you this, if you were in need of advice, who would you go to, a lady
      that has never even seen the inside of a court room in a case
      involving her "investigations" or someone that has been to court
      numerous times and has aided their client in actually winning his or
      her case? The answers are obvious. Besides, there is noting original
      to Joanne Waldron in her book, everything in this book will be other
      people's ideas and knowledge, that she has questioned, and used for
      her own benefit.

      Let's talk about credentials. Joanne Waldron states that she has
      credentials.. What credentials Joanne Waldron? Let us see them,
      please? If you want to include computer programmer in those
      credentials, then please by all means do, but also elaborate on what
      this has to do with investigative work. Let's start with the easy
      stuff. Are you a licensed Private Investigator? Are you bonded by your
      state to do investigative work? Do you own a legitimate company that
      does investigative work? How many cases have you ever investigated or
      assisted in an investigation with and actually participated in, inside
      of a court room? Do you have any attorney clientele? Do you have
      references that can attest to ANY investigative expertise that you
      might possess? Do you have any clientele that will state that they
      have paid you to perform an email trace for them? Just try to answer
      these for the group, Joanne and that should suffice. I think you can
      clear this whole debate up just by answering these simple questions,
      Joanne Waldron. I think an honest approach to these questions in a
      public forum, might just clear this debate up, and at least allow us
      to respect your honesty on this issue.

      I am in hopes that you will take the challenge, Joanne. I hope
      that you will accept this challenge with a sincere desire to clear
      this up and show your peers that you are adult enough to be honest
      with them, and show them that while you do have a sincere desire to
      help them, you are in reality, limited in how you can help them by
      your experience or rather lack of experience as the case may be.

      Wishing you the best, Joanne Waldron....

      Ricky B. Gurley

      Risk Management Research &
      Investments, Inc.
      "Columbia's Premiere Private
      Investigation's Company"

      2101 W. Broadway PMB 326, Columbia,
      MO. 65203

      Phone: (636) 410-0251
      Fax: (636) 410-0257
      EMERGENCY LINE & FAX: (866) 878-

      Email: RMRI-Inc@...

      "Oh divine arts of subtlety and
      Through you we learn to be unseen.
      you we learn to be unheard; and
      hence we hold
      the fate or our enemies in our

      Sun Tzu 500 B.C. "The Art Of War"

      It is not the critic who counts,
      not the man who points out how the
      strong man stumbles,
      or where the doer of deeds could
      have done them better.
      The credit belongs to the man who
      is actually in the
      arena.... who strives ..... who
      spends himself and who,
      at the worst, if fails, at least he
      fails while daring,
      so that his place shall never be
      with those cold and
      timid souls who knew neither
      victory or defeat.

      Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt
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