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Re: [infoguys-list] 13 year old Tyler Edmonds sentenced to 65 years- passing this on- need help!

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  • Marvin Woodworth
    Donna, I would like to look at what you have on this not just the confession but the briefs, pleadings and ruling. I teach to instructors rifle, pistol,
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 25, 2005
      I would like to look at what you have on this not just
      the confession but the briefs, pleadings and ruling.
      I teach to instructors rifle, pistol, shotgun and
      automatic weapons and teach all admin justice. I am
      currently working on a number of wrongful deaths case
      involing shooting. I am currently in North Pole Alaska
      for a week, but I can respond.
      Marvin Woodworth
      Investigation Service Inc.
      --- Jurydoctor@... wrote:

      > Hi Folks,
      > Young Tyler needs some help from you. Please let me
      > know what you can do.
      > Tyler was sentenced for a crime he didn't commit,
      > He's 13 years old.
      > Thanks,
      > amy
      > In a message dated 1/21/2005 10:56:20 PM Eastern
      > Standard Time,
      > pcolachris@... writes:
      > Hi Amy,
      > 13 year old Tyler Edmonds from Mississippi was
      > convicted and sentenced to 65
      > years as an adult for a crime he did not commit in
      > 2004.
      > His lawyers are small without alot of experience or
      > money. They have a matter
      > of a few weeks
      > to have a 50 page (max) appeal ready. Please take a
      > moment to read what is
      > needed for Tyler to regain his freedom and help if
      > you can. Please send this
      > email to anyone who may be able to assist.
      > Thank you from Tyler
      > In order to save Tyler there are two very narrow
      > issues that need precedents
      > from anywhere in the Country. Tyler's small town
      > attorneys only have access to
      > Mississippi's West Law.
      > We need an attorney or law researcher that can find
      > a precedent showing that
      > the following should not have happened:
      > (1st) The prosecution forensics expert stated on the
      > stand at trial, that in
      > his opinion two hands pulled the trigger on the
      > rifle that was used. He should
      > not have been allowed to tell the jury that in his
      > expert opinion, two hands
      > were used to pull the trigger. NO gun was ever
      > recovered, no fingerprints,
      > nothing. He based that statement on Tylers false
      > confession where instead of
      > saying he did the shooting as his sister had begged
      > him to do, he decided under
      > pressure to say they both did it so that his sister
      > would only be in half the
      > trouble. (A child thinks like a child)
      > (2nd) The defense had a false confession expert that
      > was going to testify
      > about false confessions and give an expert opinion
      > on Tyler's confession. The
      > expert was not allowed to testify. The Judge ruled
      > against it. We need to make an
      > argument as to why that ruling was incorrect.
      > NOTE: To anyone who is willing to lend a hand here,
      > I can send them the
      > confession on DVD and the appeal transcripts as they
      > are right now. We only have
      > about 40 days to have this ready on appeal.
      > Can you ask around and see if anyone would be
      > willing? If someone would let
      > me research West Law on their account, we would
      > cover any fee's incurred and I
      > would do the research myself if needed.
      > Thanks
      > Donna
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