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Re: [infoguys-list] Digest Number 1261

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  • Bruce Richards
    ___________________________________________________________ USInterlinks Covert Caller ID http://www.usinterlink.com You provide USInterlinks web site three
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 20, 2004
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      USInterlinks Covert
      Caller ID


      You provide USInterlinks web site three phone numbers
      to use the Covert
      Caller ID
      1) Phone Number of the Person you are calling
      2) Phone Number you are using (where you�re at).
      3) Phone Number you want to appear on the caller id
      box of the person
      you're calling.

      You click the "submit button" from our web site,
      within seconds your
      phone will ring,
      your caller id box will show you the phone number and
      the associated
      name of the # 3,
      (the number that will be placed in the subject�s
      caller id box).
      This will alert you that the call is in progress.

      The persons number you are calling will be connected
      to the line
      seconds after you answer the
      phone. They will also see the exact number and name as
      it show on your
      caller id box, you can
      talk to them as needed and get information for your
      case, while
      protecting your identity.


      US Interlinks Covert Caller ID provides you the
      ability to place calls
      that otherwise won�t allow
      calls from blocked numbers. Never have to throw up a
      red flag to call,
      *67 or block your outgoing
      number again.

      The outcome? Your cover is Stealth. Your perception
      can transform or be
      changed as rapid as
      an investigation commands, as your stay hidden behind
      whatever image
      you need for the case
      to go to the next level.

      US Interlink provides the "telephone" which is the
      investigators most
      powerful tool already, a boost.
      It is like having a telephoto lens for a camera. This
      new technology
      will allow you to customize on
      a per need basis what you want to show up on the
      Caller ID in mere

      As a professional, you definitely will discover your
      personal style and
      build your own ideas on how
      to use this information to your advantage, allowing
      this technology to
      exceed your expectations
      and allowing you to shine in your clients eyes. This
      is not a tool to
      put in reports. It�s not a tool
      to flash in front of clients. Let�s have a few tools
      in the tool box
      that make us look like "James B",
      but not tipping our hand on everything.

      Covertness and secret. You modify the digits you want
      to show up on
      your subjects Caller ID box.
      While shielding the identification of the telephone #
      you are working
      from. No special equipment is
      needed just your US Interlink account and access to
      the Internet,

      You can make calls to
      Land lines
      Cell Phones
      Coin phones

      Calls from:
      Employment Agencies
      Packaging Services
      You get the picture!


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