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As I see it if I were on the Jury.

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  • Bryan McManis, BSBA
    1. Who is responsible for the deaths of the three children?
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 28, 2004
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      1. Who is responsible for the deaths of the three children? < The
      Person that filled the tank and the Father are jointly responsible
      for the death of the children. > <As a part of the Jury I would be
      thinking that 2 wrongs to not make a right. > <The Jury is the finder
      of FACT in our legal system. >

      2. Given the fact that Ginger cannot have any other children, what
      do you feel represents fair and adequate compensation for the full
      value of the life of her three children? < I do not have a ready
      answer for this question. >

      3. Although Fred and Ginger have no children, they are still married
      and living together. Would that fact in any way affect your
      opinion? If so, how? < Yes, it would in a positive way. > <Most
      couples would have divorced over this type of thing. > < As part of
      the Jury I would be more in favor of a larger sum of money because of
      this fact. >

      4. Would it affect any of your opinions if it came into evidence
      that at the emergency room on a routine toxicology screen performed
      on all ER trauma patients, Fred tested positive for amphetamines and
      marijuana although there is no evidence of impairment. < Yes, that
      would be a big negative for me as part of the Jury. >

      5. Would the fact that Ginger knew the propane tank was in an
      enclosed area lead you to believe that she was responsible for the
      loss of her children? < No, that would not influence my decision. I
      would not expect her to have a major fear of this fact. However, I
      would expect the Father to have a major fear of this fact. >

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