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The USPI Network

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  • Wayne T. Miles
    Press Release – Immediate Re: The United States Professional Investigators Network http://www.USPINet.com Membership applications are now being accepted
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 7, 2004
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      Press Release – Immediate

      Re: "The United States Professional Investigators Network"

      Membership applications are now being accepted for "USPI Certified
      Investigator". Get the credentials "you need" to get ahead in this
      profession! Apply on-line today!

      What is the United States Professional Investigators Network?

      Our purpose is to enhance the development of the profession through
      networking with industry professionals by providing them with
      educational opportunities and relevant information through a variety
      of programs, services, and activities.

      Founded in 2003, it is our goal to become one of the nations leading
      resources and "think tanks" for the investigator industry. The
      individuals who comprise this network each contribute in their own
      unique way, thus creating an informed, well-rounded group of
      professionals with virtually unlimited knowledge and resources.

      Membership in USPI Net is screened and strictly regulated. We
      encourage anyone who is involved in the industry to consider applying
      for a membership.

      Additional information can be found on our newly designed website at

      Posted by:
      W.T. Miles
      PI Coffee Shop

      End of Press Release.
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