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Does Anyone KNow about this guy?

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  • pegasus3
    Apologize for the cross posting: Anybody have an informed feel for the veracity of a guy by the name of John Loftus who claims to have worked for the DoJ as
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 30, 2004
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      Apologize for the cross posting:

      Anybody have an informed feel for the veracity of a guy by the name of 'John
      Loftus' who claims to have worked for the DoJ as a prosecutor with an
      alphabet soup of clearances after his name. There is a self-back-slapping
      bio for himself on the web, URL below... He does radio, writes books and
      likes to have his name/picture in the media.... Looks to me to be a
      successfully self-promoting guy with very good researching skills (basic
      lawyering 101) and a smattering of experience at the admin level in security
      issues. If you backtrack the URL and look at his projects, they are all of
      a common stripe.... Looking for something of a properly informed response
      regarding him.

      "Semper Occultus"

      Edwin C. Hodges
      Managing Director
      Peregrine International, Inc.
      PMB 150, 1550 Eastchase Pkwy., Suite 600
      Fort Worth, TX 76120
      Voice: 817-516-0155
      FAX: 775-261-7088
      Texas License A-11626


      It is possible that John Loftus may know more intelligence secrets than
      anyone alive. As a former Justice Department prosecutor, Loftus once held
      some of the highest security clearances in the world, with special access to
      NATO Cosmic, CIA codeword, and Top Secret Nuclear files. As a private
      attorney, he works without charge to help hundreds of intelligence agents
      obtain lawful permission to declassify and publish the hidden secrets of our
      times. He is the author of four history books, three of which have been made
      into films, two were international best sellers, and one was nominated for
      the Pulitzer Prize. In 2002, the SHOWTIME channel will begin filming SECRET
      WARS, the pilot of a television series based on Loftus life story,
      starring Jon Voight and Aidan Quinn.

      As a young U.S. Army officer, John Loftus helped train Israelis on a covert
      operation that turned the tide of battle in the 1973 Yom Kippur War. During
      the Carter and Reagan Administrations, he investigated CIA cases and Nazi
      War Criminals for the Attorney General of the United States. In 1982, his
      60 Minutes expose of Nazis on the US government payroll won the Emmy Award
      for outstanding investigative journalism.

      Born in Boston, Loftus now lives in St. Petersburg where he volunteers as
      the first Irish Catholic President of the Florida Holocaust Museum, the
      fifth largest in the world. Their goal is to end racism in our childrens
      lifetime. After recovering from colon cancer, he is now completing his fifth
      book, a look at the Middle East through the life of Jonathan Pollard. Before
      his illness, he had been rated among the funniest and most inspiring
      speakers on the international and college lecture circuits. Now hes back
      with a totally different lecture that could not be more timely.


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