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RE: [infoguys-list] Re: WHY ME?

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  • pegasus3
    I agree with Ray. In another life, I owned a manfacturing company which provided body armor, tactical equipment of the highets quality. The Nigerian
    Message 1 of 20 , Feb 26, 2004
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      I agree with Ray.

      In another life, I owned a manfacturing company which provided body armor,
      tactical equipment of the highets quality. The "Nigerian Government"
      provided me with a 39,000,000 contract ( which I still have a copy of). It
      is very impressive. We ran all the traps on the project. They wanted samples
      to verify quality of load bearing and repelling vests, etc. (no armor was
      requested). We contacted people in the administration and ask about the
      contract in temrs of 1. was it legal, 2. was it real. They ran their traps.
      The answer was it was not possible to tell but copies of the contract were
      in fact on the books at the Ministry of Defence in Nigeria.

      With that response we shipped about 1000 worth of samples to the Nigerian
      government. As time wore on and repeated phone calls it came down to the
      fact that we had to put op a 300,000 bond in order to complete the
      pre-contract arrangments. We even agreed to do so in a US bonding company.
      As it turned out that wasnt good enough had to be a nigerian or as I recall
      another african countries bonding company. That is when it stopped and we
      turned it over to the US Secret Service.

      Never ever underestimate your enemy and in this case they are extremely
      crafty and cunning and they have reaches inside the goverment there to make
      every scheme look real. Calling them stupid is not the answer, when you
      think they are stupid, look in a mirror. You think your running them out of
      town and they are really leading you.

      "Semper Occultus"

      Edwin C. Hodges
      Managing Director
      Peregrine International, Inc.
      PMB 150, 1550 Eastchase Pkwy., Suite 600
      Fort Worth, TX 76120
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      FAX: 775-261-7088
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      OK, making blanket statements about African IQs is way off the mark. The
      only relevant facts concerning IQs in this context are that the Nigerian
      scammers are extremely intelligent, and that a number of very
      schemes have been hatched in Nigeria - some involving credit card cloning,
      identity theft schemes, etc. Groups of Nigerians have traveled to the US
      successfully scammed high-end merchandizers out of vast sums of money.

      They don't mind if you assume they are stupid, however. In fact, they
      count on
      it. It's part of any successful con, and they are very successful

      Ray Madison

      --- In infoguys-list@yahoogroups.com, algo <algoschwa@y...> wrote:
      > >
      > Sunny,I am getting just a little tired with Con Artist
      > like you.As an average African with a IQ between 70
      > and
      > 105, not much higher than that of a smart Chimp,you
      > should at least know that you can not con members of
      > this or any other group that you subscribe to.I follow
      > your tracks all over the net.Do you really believe you
      > can con anyone with your advertisement disguised as a
      > post?I challenge you to post your credentials with
      > this
      > and any other group you subscribe to.I will personally
      > check those with the licencing authority in nigeria.
      > Since people in your own country are to poor and
      > backward to be a good target at least try to reach a
      > acceptable IQ level before you post to a international
      > audience.The greedy people that have fallen for your
      > 419 scam,are not considered smart anywhere.
      > Al
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