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  • ray_madison
    What I am saying is that if Mr Lidipe is offering to help 419 victims get t= heir money back, and charges a fee for those services, he is certainly trying to
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 24, 2004
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      What I am saying is that if Mr Lidipe is offering to help 419 victims get t=
      heir money back,
      and charges a fee for those services, he is certainly trying to take anothe=
      r bite out of those
      victims, as he knows he will not be able to get their money back, and claim=
      ing an ability to
      do so is at best dishonest. There is no bigotry involved in this assessmen=
      t; con-men
      come in all shapes, sizes, nationalities and colors.

      Mr. Grudko infers that since these victims were themselves attempting to en=
      gage in a
      criminal enterprise, they deserve no sympathy and thus it's OK to get a lit=
      tle more out of
      them. Well, he's not the only one who has seen these victims cry, and he a=
      dmittedly had
      sympathy for the one he refers to. And he admittedly has no knowledge of a=
      nyone getting
      their money back, as Mr. Lipide proposed he could do.

      If the various governments have an interest in stopping these schemes, then=
      they must
      also feel it's fair to warn potential victims. That's my motive - I don't =
      speak for the other

      Ray Madison

      --- In infoguys-list@yahoogroups.com, "A Grudko" <agrudko@i...> wrote:
      > - Original Message -
      > From: <jameswhitccc@a...>
      > > Also. check with the FBI. You will be warned never to reply to any e-m=
      > from Nigerians. Consider where this guy is coming from and that should be=

      > sufficient. I would have dropped this issue weeks ago but the guy keeps
      > coming back
      > > with more nonsense. Jim
      > If we have a moderator on this group I'd say that the time is passed to p=
      > a cap on this bigotry.
      > I've watched these posts for a few days and have kept quiet but I now hav=
      > to conclude that Jim is the one who is propogating the very nonsense he
      > cites.
      > I don't know Mr Lipede but I have visited Lagos 3 times in the past 2 or =
      > years and worked with the authorities there on about 30 '419' type scams=
      > I've also worked on dozens of other similar and linked scams here and in
      > other southern African countries privatly and with the South African Poli=
      > Service, of which I have been a member since 1981.
      > There is an active policy within the Nigerian government to stop these
      > scams, which are an insignificant part of the country's GDP but may have
      > enriched some criminals to the embarrisment of the country.
      > The total overall 'cost' (considering that every person who 'looses' to
      > these schemes is a willing conspiritor in a criminal act) of fraud eminat=
      > out of Nigeria is probably less than the US Enron or European Parmalat
      > frauds and certainly less than the ongoing Halliburton scams.
      > I regularly corrispond with Nigerians in that country and thier consulate=

      > representatives here in Johannesburg and any warning to 'never' do so is
      > patently stupid. Jim does not give his source for this advice but suggest=
      > that it is from the FBI. If that is true then US intelligence has been
      > reduced to less of an art than a one armed drunk hitting a piƱata.
      > > P.S. I think that P.I.'s can learn about how clever and conspired this=

      > > Nigerian 419 Scam works. It is
      > > truly amazing --It has many levels.
      > The scam is neither clever or amazing and the levels of conspiracy are
      > easilly unravelled by the most basic of investigative work.
      > But many, many greedy people will knowingly sell thier souls, thier homes=
      > even thier children to try to dip thier fingers into the corrupt pots whi=
      > the scammers offer without even a simple investigation.
      > And every conspiritor that gets burned then cries foul. As we say here,"A=
      > shame".
      > Mr Madison then posted:
      > "What these scammers do is have a confederate contact those who have
      > already been victimized by these scams and offer to help them get their
      > money back. Thus they hope to take another bite out of those who have
      > already been bitten."
      > Considering that those who have already been bitten were willingly, perha=
      > voracsiously engaged in a patently criminal enterprise, what evidence can=

      > you post Mr Madison, that Mr Lipede is a crook? I see none, other than
      > defaming him for simply being Nigerian.
      > > If Lidipe has ever gotten any money back for anyone, no-one is aware of=

      > it.=
      > In
      > fact, if anyone has ever gotten any money back from these scammers, no-on=
      e =
      > is aware of it.
      > Here Mr Madison might be correct in his generalisation, although perhaps
      > unlike him I don't have personal access to all the victims of these
      > scams,only a few hundred, so I can't make such a judgement. I have howeve=
      > had a Canadian doctor literally crying in my car on the way to the airpor=
      > because he arrived here in SA with a briefcase with US$50 000 in it to pa=
      > the advance (against my advice) for a supply contract and went back to
      > Canada without it with nothing to show for it but his guilt.
      > Andy Grudko (British), DPM, Grad IS (South Africa)
      > Consulting Investigator, Est. 1981. PSIRA reg. No. 8642
      > www.grudko.com , andy@g...
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      > Sandton (+27 11) 465 9673 - 465 1487 (Fax)
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      > Cellular (+27) 82 778 6355 - ICQ 146498943
      > "When you need it done right - first time"
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