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Re: [infoguys-list] mom doused in gasoline

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  • A Grudko
    - Original Message - From: This Person ... continue to sue every time something goes wrong!! ... seems hell-bent on placing blame
    Message 1 of 6 , Jan 2, 2004
      - Original Message -
      From: This Person <robbiedog@...>
      > I agree with "kickingit 101" that accidents happen in life. People cannot
      continue to sue every time something goes wrong!!
      > Our current society
      seems hell-bent on placing blame somewhere besides where it belongs.

      As one who in less than 10 hours will be putting on a blue uniform and gun
      to serve 12 hours on patrol on the violent streets of South Africa, I have
      to admit that some of my decisions as a volunteer police officer since 1980,
      are delayed or effected by the fact that, these days, if I get it wrong I
      could be personally sued.

      Litigation is far less common here than in the US but still the result is
      that many criminal situations that could otherwise be controlled (perhaps at
      risk to someone's 'civil rights') are left untouched - perhaps to escalate
      into tragedy.

      It's impossible to be aware of, never mind able to assess during split
      second events, all the outcomes of an action that a police officer has to

      This case is typical of a situation that could have gone many ways, some
      good, some bad. As an example the suspect could have gone on to mow down
      pedestrians. Had the officers backed off he might have killed the child
      anyway. Had that happened the same lawyer would today be probably suing the
      police for their lack of action. I see no negligence, just tough decisions.

      In cases like these the Courts may have to weigh the greater public interest
      of maintaining law and order over an accidental tragidy. To allow the police
      to be sued simply plays into the hands of the criminals, hamstrings the
      police, weakens the rule of law and encourages rapacious lawyers to seek
      ever higher unjustified awards.

      In my opinion the presence of criminals in our society is the result of
      complex events within that society, some of which are diabolical but
      statistically predictable arborations of human nature. Rather than sue
      police departments, society should have mechanisms to assist the victims of
      crime, be that free healthcare, financial assistance a compensation fund or
      some combination.

      Obviously I'm biased. I just hope I don't have to make a decision like this

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