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    Dear Friends: Do you have difficulties verifying the identity of individuals in order to comply with various Federal laws, such as the newly revised Section
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 17, 2003
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      Dear Friends:

      Do you have difficulties verifying the identity of individuals in
      order to comply with various Federal laws, such as the newly revised
      Section 326 of the US Patriot Act? Have you found that database
      companies do not offer a one-stop shopping, all inclusive report?

      We have made a significant number of database additions to the full
      IdentiChek™, effective October 10th, 2003, with more to come in early
      November. However, we are always looking for suggestions on
      additional databases that you may wish to include in the full report
      feature. Feel free to write me at dberlin@... if you have
      a source that you wish for us to check for inclusion in our data
      basket and we will give it great consideration.

      During the past several weeks, we've expanded this service to include
      29 separate scans, which cover 1,388 database services, all for a
      cost of $4.95 for the basic report and $19.95 for the full report,
      for a total of $24.90. The data mix used for these reports is
      aggregated from disparate sources and a relational database engine is
      used to create associations and links. This process is based upon a
      patented method owned by ICI.

      To obtain the best results, one must do a Basic IdentiChek™ search
      first in order to select the correct data file. Once you have found
      the best data file (generally, the most recent with the full name and
      SSN of your subject), you then select the full report. The full
      IdentiChek™ report consists of the following, plus more:

      1. Full address search, based upon all three "live" credit headers.
      Searches can be done based upon a person's name and address, or SSN.

      2. Full SSN Scan, including any secondary SSN's traced to a person,
      as well as AKAs used.

      3. Corporate affiliations and executive association search for the
      entire nation

      4. Vehicles traced to subject in 33 states, some of which are live
      searches, and others that are historic in nature.

      5. Bankruptcy, lien, levy, and tax warrants search for the entire

      6. Full property search for the entire nation, based upon a person's
      name and past use of addresses.

      7. Full Terrorism search, including a scan of 70 databases worldwide.

      8. Anti-Money Laundering search for suspected drug kingpins.

      9. Anti-Bank Fraud search for a person's hot Banks Hot Sheet

      10. FAA search to determine if the subject owns an aircraft or holds
      a pilot license.

      11. Driver's license search in 34 states, some of which are live and
      others are historic in nature.

      12. Names of possible relatives, based upon check of surname and past
      addresses that are in common with persons using the same surname and
      same past address in three or more instances. (Relational database

      13. Names of possible associates, based upon a person using
      addresses that are in common to the name of the person being
      searched, in three or more instances.

      14. Court liens, levies, judgments or lawsuits in 48 states.

      15. UCC liens or recorded actions

      16. Internet Domain Registration

      In November, we expect a number of new banking, financial and credit
      database searches will be added to each full report scan. This new
      report will result in the largest, and most robust, single report
      database scan that is commercially available.

      Please note that as with all ICI searches, you must have a
      permissible purpose for each scan that you conduct on our system and
      certify this each time you order a search.

      If you wish to gain access to this database product, please go to
      this URL and fill out each field.


      Please note that this product is available for attorneys and licensed
      private investigators only and credentials are individually checked
      before access is granted.

      All searches done on the ICI system must be charged to either a
      Master Card or VISA. Please make certain that the name and address
      that you use on this application is the same as that which appears on
      your credit card statement. If you have any questions regarding this
      product or service, please feel free to write me at
      dberlin@... and I will help you in any way possible.

      Best regards,


      Donald M. Berlin
      Investigative Consultants, Inc.
      2020 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
      Suite 813
      Washington, DC 20006
      (202) 237-1500
      (202) 237-8642 (Telefax)
      private email address: dberlin@...

      This email is privileged and confidential and is sent to you pursuant
      to the Attorney Work Product Doctrine and other applicable
      privileges. We incorporate by reference the Terms and Conditions as
      cited on our web site at www.icioffshore.com regarding all orders,
      requests for information, proposals, reports or memos. If this email
      was sent to you in error, please delete it immediately as it is
      intended only for the user that it is addressed to and no other
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