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Re:Missing or Murdered Seminar

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  • Gil Alba
    Don t miss out on this very rare and privileged opportunity to be involved in an active case that is assigned to the Cold Case Squad of the New York City
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 5, 2003
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      Don't miss out on this very rare and privileged opportunity to be involved in an

      active case that is assigned to the Cold Case Squad

      of the New York City Police Department. During the very time

      of this seminar, the Kristine Kupka case may be featured in the

      press/news/TV, because of what is about to take place in the

      near future. Become part of it and become my partner as you

      and I literally investigate the case. Feel how it is to be a

      "Detective for a Day." This case has all the elements of

      any type of investigation that we as PI's would be involved with.

      The seminar will definitely help you in your own investigations.

      There is nothing like this in the whole country, because it is a real,

      ongoing case. Responses are coming in, so register now. Looking

      forward to meeting newcomers and veterans alike.

      Full DAY SEMINAR - The Art of Investigation

      This fascinating and unique seminar will be unlike others you may

      have attended. You will be placed in the shoes of a lead

      investigator learning to make difficult decisions and:

      § Learn the keys to investigative methodology that can be applied

      to any case

      § Learn how to conduct complicated high profile investigations

      § Examine the evidence in the real-life unsolved missing persons


      § Formulate your opinion and help find the answers


      The "Art of Investigation" series has been successful. As a

      result, hundreds of creative minds are giving their input into the

      unresolved . . . Missing or Murdered investigation.

      Gil Alba, a nationally known private investigator, 28-year New York

      City Police Department veteran and former First Grade Detective and

      Bill Majeski, ex-NYPD Detective, co-author of "Corporate Security

      Practices" and regular guest on Fox News, MSNBC and Court TV are

      hosting The Art of Investigation.

      Gil & Bill have combined for 50 years of law enforcement experience

      in the public and private sector and will lead you through the

      "Art of Investigation" seminar illustrating how the most

      complex cases are investigated using a REAL-LIFE UNSOLVED CASE.

      Listed by the N.Y. Daily News as one of New York's Top 10

      Mysteries, the Kristine Kupka case represents a rare opportunity to

      learn how the world's best detectives solve the world's worst


      Kristine Kupka mysteriously disappeared on October 24, 1998, nearly

      5 years to the date of this seminar in this very city. . . what can

      be more real? Missing or Murdered?

      This seminar is for everyone. You are invited to attend this seminar

      and bring your colleagues to:

      Location: New York City- Manhattan

      Reception: Thursday November 6th 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

      Seminar: Friday, November 7th, 2003 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM

      Your registration must be postmarked to receive the following rates:

      On or before 10/10/03 $275.00

      For details or to register, visit http://www.albainvestigations.com

      or contact the conference organizer:

      Neal Shenoy


      (212) 931-0182


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