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    Hi Folks, First, let me apologize to all of the group moderators for this crosspost. I am trying to respond to over 100 enquiries regarding the IdentiChek and
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 27, 2003
      Hi Folks,

      First, let me apologize to all of the group moderators for this crosspost. I
      am trying to respond to over 100 enquiries regarding the IdentiChek and
      TerrorChek products. Many people have requested that I explain this program better
      and compare it to other database sources.

      While I am bias, I believe that our program is better because it takes the
      best of all sources and combines it as one. Other database sources, such as
      Merlin, ChoicePoint, Accurint, etc., are excellent products and indeed we have
      relationships with all of them. To sign up today, please go to this URL and
      execute the form in full, including credit card information and your private
      investigators license number.


      Each of the above companies uses its own technology to aggregate data and
      create a relational database product. Our product is very advanced because we
      develop, design and maintain our own algorithms and data integration systems.

      Originally, our product was created for large brokerage and financial
      services companies that were subject to Section 326 of the US Patriot Act, and its EU
      counterpart, the KYC Initiative is intended to force banks, financial
      services institutions, etc., to verify the identity of their customer. This can be
      done in a variety of ways.

      One is "harvested data" or information that is gleaned from banking,
      financial and credit transactions and header reports; property reports, vehicle
      ownership, FAA licenses, voter registration records, etc. All of these kinds of
      reports are known as "data elements" and compose the 326 compliance report.

      "Harvested data," by its very nature means historic in nature and runs
      counter to what a known or suspected terrorist would have in his or her data file.
      These individuals generally create profiles on the spot or over a very short
      period of time, unless they are "sleepers" and that is not a quality that is
      shared by those elements. Rather, "sleepers" are from the Cold War era.

      "Virgin Data" is information that is culled from government databases, such
      as the original record of issuance for a Social Security card as maintained by
      the SSA. While we do have access to this, it can only be obtained via an
      explicit release. For more information on "virgin database sources", please go to

      This particular offering is for harvested data only and includes access to
      all sources that are commercially or traditionally available, but aggregated as
      one through our relational database algorithm. They include:

      1. Credit header details
      2. Property ownership
      3. Relatives
      4. Associates
      5. Vehicle ownership
      6. FAA licenses
      7. Criminal convictions
      8. Corporate affiliations and executive associations
      9. UCC filings
      10. Terrorism Lists from around the world, including OFAC and 71 others
      unified as one.
      11. Whether SSN is reported deceased
      12. Domain registrations
      13. Former addresses for as far back as 21 years
      14. Liens, levies, judgments and bankruptcies
      15. Proprietary and restricted access databases of ICI that are aggregated
      from 121 sources from around the world and are housed on our servers.

      All of this information is taken by ICI and we apply our algorithm through a
      phonex-based relational database engine that we have a patent (pending) upon
      and is reported out as one document or memo.

      Here again, its INTENT is to comply with Section 326 as a "all in one
      solution," but many use it for other legal purposes. It was developed by ICI for
      large banks, brokerage companies, etc., but recently readapted for use by
      licensed private investigators seeking to comply with various identity verification
      laws. If you have any questions regarding this database, PLEASE, write me at
      dbelrin@... and do not use this email address.

      Please try it out and if you like it, order it. If you don't, please tell me
      how it may be improved or made better and I will do whatever I can.

      Best to you,


      Donald M. Berlin
      Investigative Consultants, Inc.
      2020 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
      Suite 813
      Washington, DC 20006
      (202) 237-1500
      (202) 237-8642 (Telefax)
      private email address: dberlin@...

      This email is privileged and confidential and is sent to you pursuant to the
      Attorney Work Product Doctrine and other applicable privileges. We incorporate
      by reference the Terms and Conditions as cited on our web site at
      www.icioffshore.com regarding all orders, requests for information, proposals, reports or
      memos. If this email was sent to you in error, please delete it immediately
      as it is intended only for the user that it is addressed to and no other person.

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