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Re: [infoguys-list] NCOA --Old fashion way or is there a database?

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  • Ron Rugen
    David, et al I m sure there will be several posts on this. I worked for the postal service for nine years. Having said that, I ve noticed some here like to
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 4, 2003
      David, et al
      I'm sure there will be several posts on this. I worked for the postal
      service for nine years. Having said that, I've noticed some here like to
      mail it in while others go in person. It depends on volume. But, trust me,
      if you mail them in you will get in the stack with requests from child
      support, welfare, etc. It's best you make an in person visit and be patient
      with them. The clerk (who may be a PTF (part-time flexible))may not be
      trained in this particular area so at first make them your friend and if
      they aren't familiar with the process, tell them what is normally done. Use
      the jargon so they know you know what you are talking about. Ask them to
      check their "directory" for any CFS (computer forwarding system, the folks
      who put on the yellow forwarding labels) cards that have been filled out.
      The larger the post office the greater chance they may have to take it to
      the carrier's casing area.
      IF then, they aren't cooperating not out of lack of knowledge for this area
      but because they are being a brick wall, then ask to see the postmaster or
      HOWEVER, if you have some time, a good method is to send an envelope (even
      with a blank sheet of paper inside) to the target. You don¹t even have to
      put your name as the sender just your PO Box and address. In big letters,
      however, above the target address put:
      I'm thinking of even going to Office Depot and having one of these stamps

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