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    Dear Friends and Colleagues: This is an update of our previous announcement regarding the new database for licensed private investigators seeking to do
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      Dear Friends and Colleagues:

      This is an update of our previous announcement regarding the new database for
      licensed private investigators seeking to do searches pursuant to Section 326
      of the US Patriot Act, as well as other Permissible Purposes as cited under
      the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act, Title 15, Section 1681 and other
      provisions of GLB.

      We apologize for those of you who requested a Password or User Name and did
      not receive it in a timely fashion. Please note that requests can only be
      processed when you click the links found on the Announcement Page located at <A HREF="https://www.icioffshore.com/announcement.asp">

      If you send this address (dberlin50@...) a request, it cannot be filled.
      If you go on our web site (www.icioffshore.com) and seek to execute an
      "inquiry form" and request a USER ID and PASSWORD, it cannot be filled.
      Finally, when you click the links at <A HREF="https://www.icioffshore.com/announcement.asp">
      https://www.icioffshore.com/announcement.asp</A> please note that you MUST
      provide us your full contact details, such as what appears in a normal
      signature block, PLUS your investigator's license number and Issuing State.

      There can be no exceptions to this rule because of regulatory reasons as all
      inquiries are recorded and maintained by our systems.

      To highlight, the new database will allow you to:

      1. Legally verify a person's income from reports filed with the Internal
      Revenue Service.  

      2. Verify from the Social Security Administration a SSN's exact date of
      issuance, name of the individual that the account number was issued to, and
      the date of birth for that person.  

      3. Conduct a comprehensive search of 71 databases that contain the names of
      all known and suspected terrorists, terrorist organizations, money
      launderers, drug king pins, Politically Exposed Persons, and persons who are
      debarred from conducting business with the United States Government. ICI is
      the only firm that has aggregated all data from these disparate sources into
      a single searchable database.

      4. Verify the identity of persons who have touched US Soil in an effort to
      create a banking, financial or credit relationship. Here again, this ICI has
      aggregated over 230 databases into a single search system.

      5. Gain access to the ARADS database, a compilation of over 95,000 URLs that
      are intended for legal research, investigation and intelligence gathering.  
      It is the largest intelligence library for attorneys and investigators in the

      If you wish to do a free test on some of these products (Items 3, 4, 5) as a
      part of our Beta Test program, feel free to go to <A HREF="https://www.icioffshore.com/announcement.asp">
      https://www.icioffshore.com/announcement.asp</A> and use the links to send me an
      email.    The Test Password and User ID will allow you 10 free searches.

      You must be licensed and we verify all details to access these restricted
      systems. Please note that it will take 24 hours to issue you a Password and
      USER ID for the free test, so please be patient.

      Best regards to you all,


      Donald M. Berlin,
      Investigative Consultants, Inc.
      2020 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
      Suite 813
      Washington, DC 20006

      Phone: (202) 237-1500 (Live)
      Fax: (202) 237-8642 (Fax)
      www.icioffshore. com

      This email is governed by our Terms and Conditions of Service, found at
      http://www.icioffshore.com, which are incorporated herein by reference. This
      message is confidential and privileged and is being transmitted to you
      pursuant to the privileged communications doctrine of the attorney-client
      work product privilege. Additionally, all orders, emails, voice mails, memos,
      reports, etc., are transmitted to your office pursuant to the attorney-client
      privileged communications doctrine and the attorney work-product privilege
      and are done in accordance with our Terms And Conditions, found at

      It may not be used or disclosed by any person other than its addressee(s). If
      received in error, please contact the sender. This message and any
      attachments have been scanned and are believed to be free of any virus or
      other defect. However, as with all email messages and attachments, you should
      check each to make certain that it is virus free. Investigative Consultants,
      Inc. is not responsible for any loss or damage arising from use of this
      message. Please contact our technicalsupport@... if you need

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