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  • dberlin@icioffshore.com
    Ladies and Gentlemen, We wish to inform you of our recent decision to prohibit the use of any product sold by Digital River.com upon any network system
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 31, 2003
      Ladies and Gentlemen,

      We wish to inform you of our recent decision to prohibit the use of any
      product sold by Digital River.com upon any network system serviced or
      maintained by ICI or Investigative Consultants, Inc on behalf of its clients.

      We are also posting this general advisory to our business associates and
      colleagues on our Universal List Services to warn that products sold through
      or downloaded via the <A HREF="www.digitalriver.com">www.digitalriver.com</A> network have caused a number of
      our clients great difficulties and problems.

      When attempting to resolve those problems with Digital River or its
      affiliated organization, templatezonecs, the clients have repeatedly sought
      our assistance to intervene because of a number of problems at Digital River.

      Some of these problems include:

      A. Downloads that were received and when loaded, were found to be corrupted.
      (14 documented complaints)

      B. Incomplete downloads because of network problems, causing a corruption of
      the client's networks, systems and PC's. (33 documented complaints)

      C. Undisclosed "upcharges" to extend the use of a product that was not
      clearly marked as a limited use program. 90 days after the program was
      purchased at what the client believed was a full price, full use product,
      they found that it was a time sensitive license and no longer supported. (92
      documented complaints)

      D. Customer service personnel who use deflection, finger-pointing at others,
      and a host of other means to dissuade the client from obtaining a refund. (13
      documented complaints)

      We greatly regret that our clients have been treated in this fashion and
      after review of all the complaints, we have decided to block <A HREF="www.digitalriver.com">
      www.digitalriver.com</A> products from our network, from the three backbones that
      we manage and the ISP. Our Network Administrator has instigated the blocking
      order this morning and therefore, and product purchased or downloaded from <A HREF="www.digitalriver.com">
      www.digitalriver.com</A> will be BLOCKED.

      To our business associates and colleagues on our Universal List Services, we
      would urge you to utilize the greatest amount of care and caution before
      considering the purchase of any product that is delivered through <A HREF="www.digitalriver.com">
      www.digitalriver.com</A> and to only purchase products directly from the owner of
      the program that is being purchased, and thus, by pass <A HREF="www.digitalriver.com">www.digitalriver.com</A>

      Best regards,

      Don Berlin

      Donald M. Berlin,
      Investigative Consultants, Inc.
      2020 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
      Suite 813
      Washington, DC 20006

      Phone: (202) 237-1500 (Live)
      Fax: (202) 237-8642 (Fax)
      www.icioffshore. com

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      http://www.icioffshore.com, which are incorporated herein by reference. This
      message is confidential and privileged and is being transmitted to you
      pursuant to the privileged communications doctrine of the attorney-client
      work product privilege. Additionally, all orders, emails, voice mails, memos,
      reports, etc., are transmitted to your office pursuant to the attorney-client
      privileged communications doctrine and the attorney work-product privilege
      and are done in accordance with our Terms And Conditions, found at

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      check each to make certain that it is virus free. Investigative Consultants,
      Inc. is not responsible for any loss or damage arising from use of this
      message. Please contact our technicalsupport@... if you need

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