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[infoguys-list] "DIRECTORY" update Aug. 15!

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  • Gary Cohen
    Hello all! August 15th is fast approaching. If you d like to be included/updated in the coming new edition of The Directory of Private Investigators email
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 3 2:04 PM
      Hello all! August 15th is fast approaching. If you'd like to be
      included/updated in the coming new edition of "The Directory of Private
      Investigators" email your info in this format:

      Name: e-mail:
      Agency: Lic#:
      City State zip: Tel: Fax:

      The "old" edition had 100 pages. The updated edition, as of this moment, has
      125 pages. With 8 - 10 PI's on each page, with all the above information,
      that comes out to, I dunno, YOU do the math. Broken down alphabetically
      first by State and then by City. Also charts showing PI associations and how
      to reach them, a table explaining the "alphabet soup" after a PI's name, a
      list of PI mailing lists, PI-related newsletters, etc.
      So, send in your info!
      Also, if you'd like to order a DIRECTORY, send $25.00 to:
      PO Box 40008
      Mobile AL 36640-0008
      If you'd like to pick up your copy in New Orleans in Sept. let me know.
      For those that already sent in 25.00, as soon as I get it back from the
      printer, (circa Aug. 23?), I'll send it out.
      Thanks all!

      Gary Cohen Investigator || http://www.geocities.com/WallStreet/5963/
      PFC Legal Investigations
      Mobile, Alabama - 334-433-A-SPY (2779)
      heatgain@... Member-SFIA, USPSA, PII, PIN
      Chairman, Internet Committee, SFIA (South Florida Investigators Assoc.)
      SFIA - http://www.webcircle.com/users/sfia/
      Author-"The Directory of Private Investigators"

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