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    Friends, The ambulance attendants just left my office having performed resuscitation on me, following receipt of some bad news. They noticed crumbled in my
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 4, 2002

      The ambulance attendants just left my office having performed resuscitation
      on me, following receipt of some bad news.

      They noticed crumbled in my left hand an Insurance Renewal Notice that
      requested a premium that was TRIPLE my last year's premium. The notice was
      signed by my whore-mongering prostitute of an insurance company who has never
      had a claim from me, never received notice of a possible claim, and has
      categorized me as "LOW RISK" because we do no guns, no bow-wows, have no
      thugs, and have no burly people protecting folks from the traveling sniper.

      The problem is that we are in the "protected zone" or 3 blocks from the White
      House and 100 feet from the World Bank. Thus, a prime target for general
      Ka-booms, etc. What that has to do with malpractice, I do not know, but I
      must assume it is just another excuse my these roaches.

      The friendly notice said that they would give me about 30 Days to gather up
      the loot and that they would send round their Insurance Man, Mr. Anthony
      Soprano, realizing that I would at least need at least 30 days to sell an
      adequate number of pints of blood to pay their vig.

      Anyway, I have just now wiped off the KY Jelly from the Paddles and was
      wondering whether anyone had a recommendation for insurance companies that
      sells Errors and Omission, Malpractice, and General Liability coverage. I am
      looking for an "occurance"-based policy and not necessary "claims made".
      Currently we have $2 million base, with a $5 million overage.

      Thanks everyone and now, I must go to the Proctology Clinic that my Insurance
      Agent shares so that I may fill out another application and be examined yet

      Please reply ASAP before the Big One comes again....

      Best to you,


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