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"Documenting The Accident Scene and The Vehicles" - A new infoguys.com article

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  • Bill Shelton
    List, Infoguys.com is pleased to announce the publication of a new article written by Danny Horton, CLI, CFC, Certified Legal Investigator. The article,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 10, 2002

      Infoguys.com is pleased to announce the publication of a new article written
      by Danny Horton, CLI, CFC, Certified Legal Investigator. The article,
      entitled "Documenting The Accident Scene and The Vehicles - Techniques of
      Accident Investigation for Investigators", is an outstanding source of
      valuable information and practical instruction in this important area.

      Article Excerpt:

      Most of the cases handled by attorneys are simple "rear end" or "fail to
      yield" type of accident. This type of accident generally does not require
      much investigation and can be handled with a recorded or oral type of
      statement, photos, and an on scene investigation to determine if there are
      any tire marks, obstructions or any other physical features that may prevent
      a quick settlement of the claim. The "client/victim" may not tell you that
      he/she pulled out in front of the other driver before he/she was rear ended
      or the tire marks may tell you that the other driver was not driving nearly
      as fast as the client claimed. These types of accidents are not generally
      assigned to an investigator that is not on staff. If you are a staff
      investigator you must conduct at least that amount of investigation to
      prevent having a fraudulent case in you file.

      What I will address in this paper is the accident that has involved a lot of
      damage and/or injuries that are serious or fatal and that the accident has
      some question of liability. This accident will more than likely end up in

      Full Article: http://infoguys.com/article.cfm?id=18

      Danny Horton is a certified Legal Investigator, Certified Fraud Consultant
      and a Mississippi Certified Investigator. The CLI and CFC designations are
      much sought after by professional investigators in the field of legal and
      fraud investigations. The CLI, CFC, and MCI designations are awarded to
      only the best in their fields and are given after much training and on the
      job experience and following a very comprehensive examination. Continual
      training and on the job experience is necessary and a prerequisite to
      maintain the CLI, CFC and MCI designation.

      Danny Horton is a retired veteran of the Memphis Police Department in
      Memphis, Tennessee. He retired as an inspector and the Commander of Traffic
      of one of the largest and most progressive traffic divisions. He has
      attended courses in accident investigation and reconstruction at the
      National Traffic Management Institute, Northwestern Traffic Institute and
      the Institute of Police Technology and Management.

      He was Chief Deputy of the Tishomingo County Sheriff's Department before
      forming his own business in 1989. He has been the lead investigator in many
      of the major cases tried or settled in Mississippi since that time. Mr.
      Horton has been a speaker at seminars and has authored articles that have
      been published in national magazines.


      Bill Shelton

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