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URGENT help, assistance needed !

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  • profilady
    Group: I apologize for the long post but, even as long as it is, I cannot explain to you how very urgent this is for my client. I would like some advice for a
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 8, 2002
      Group: I apologize for the long post but, even as long as it is, I
      cannot explain to you how very urgent this is for my client.

      I would like some advice for a client of mine as well. She has been
      my client, for handwriting business, for the past 3 years so we've
      gotten fairly close in some respects. My client is 34 y.o. and a
      very educated woman. Her husband is 8 years YOUNGER and is
      incarcerated in California for a parole violation of which he is due
      to be released next month. Her husband has great character - got
      caught up in teenage crap, paid his dues, and has gone to college,
      etc. so the family structure is sound EXCEPT for this problem:

      The problem my client faces is that she has a 15 y.o. daughter who is
      sexually deviant (was seductive at 9 y.o. with a 40 y.o. man and was
      also sexually molested by a stranger at age 2) and the system has
      looked the other way. The mother thinks she may be sexually addicted
      but this child is impulsive and then claims she does NOT remember
      doing or saying things.

      This child is from a previous marriage BUT calls her husband 'dad'
      and he is truly the only dad she has ever known. However, she is
      dangerous much like Glen Close on "Fatal Attraction" with Borderline
      Personality Disorder. I cannot explain, after reading all the inches
      of reports and eval's on this child, how devastating this girl can be
      to my clients marriage/family in general. She has two other
      children, his children, that are 4 and 5. However, last year they
      had problems with the daughter trying to sexually seduce the 'dad' IN
      FRONT OF the mother (my client).

      The teenager has boyfriend after boyfriend and the mother estimates
      she has had sex with over 70 boys in the last 2 years. BESIDES this
      sexual activity she also dresses WAY BEYOND her years in VERY
      provocative clothing with a very hourglass full figure; this girl is
      beautiful and looks 24.

      This girl told the neighbors, QUOTE, "All I have to do to f**k up my
      mom's life is to say my 'dad' touched me." The man was initially
      incarcerated, as a late teen, for theft (nothing violent) and was
      serving a parole term. HOWEVER, because of this 'history', if she
      DID say something like this, the family would be ripped apart
      and 'bye bye dad' for a very long time.
      The teen HATES to see the mom and dad happy because she is jealous of
      none of her relationships working out.

      I have read all the proof, witnessed a lot of bizarre behaviors, etc.
      and my client knows her husband will be home in March and she's
      scared to death. She is wondering WHAT type of hidden camera,
      recorders, etc. they can install at an economical cost and without
      detection so that, IF she does attempt this crap with 'dad' again,
      they have proof that it DID NOT happen. Whatever equipment is used
      MUST be UNdetectable by the teen.

      She is smart - criminally intelligent and yes, already has a record
      of stabbing her boyfriend when he realized she was 'crazy' and tried
      to leave. The mother has put her through 11 years of various types
      of inpatient and outpatient therapy and NOTHING has worked, including
      the various medications. Basically she has NO remorse and justified
      ALL of her behaviors. The ONLY time anyone gets a reaction or tears
      out of her is IF she thinks she is in trouble... then it is a true
      drama !

      Any help, ideas, etc. you can provide would be greatly appreciated.
      I did tell my client I was posting this on my group. She is NOT a
      client of 'investigations' for me - she is a personnel manager of a
      fortune 500 company in the Van Nuys area and I do handwriting work
      (employee screening) for her. However, when we started discussing
      this, and I've started seeing this, I 'felt' the urgency she is
      dealing with.

      Thank you, in advance, for your assistance. Please EMAIL me
      PRIVATELY with ideas.

      Ms. Treyce Benavidez
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