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-Terrorists and Religious groups

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  • Frank Church
    Re the message below. This sounds like the Romans trying to kill all the Christians, the Christian Nazi s trying to kill all the Jews and Jehovah s Witnesses,
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 26 5:48 PM
      Re the message below. This sounds like the Romans
      trying to kill all the Christians, the Christian Nazi's
      trying to kill all the Jews and Jehovah's Witnesses,
      the Spanish Inquisition torturing and killing
      "Unbelievers", the Jews hanging the British soldiers in
      the Orange groves in Palestine, the Catholic IRA trying
      to kill the Protestant Northern Irish. The Muslim
      Northern Afghanistans killing the Muslim Taliban
      supporters, and vice versa. What about the K.K.K. And
      many, many more. All in the name of religion and Land
      rights. With priests and religious leaders blessing
      the troops about to go to kill someone and/or their
      deaths. Religion has a lot to answer for in this
      world, and the next. "My God is better than your God"
      I do feel that what America is doing is right, but they
      have to be so sure they hit the right targets. And
      where will they stop after that. There are so many
      terrorist groups from all nations and religions.
      Will the Americans and New Yorkers in particular now
      stop providing funds to the IRA that went to help them
      blow up buildings and kill so many innocent people in
      London and Northern Ireland?
      A terrible lesson to so many innocent people, but most
      of Europe, the Middle East, Africa and South America
      have learned to live with terrorism and death in the
      streets for years.
      The reason there are so many variations of Christianity
      is because they all interpret the Bible differently.
      And that is what a Muslim fanatic does too. The
      Muslims in general support America. You have a hell of
      a job ahead. BTW, my background is, Northern Irish,
      Welsh, Jewish and Northern Europe, when they worshipped
      Odin I think:-) No one can accuse me of being a
      When I die, I'll let God (If there is one) judge me,
      rather than some religious bigot because I don't agree
      with their interpretation of their religious tract.
      Regards Frank Church
      Your Contact from DownUnder

      > My encyclopedia says that Muslums (Islam) feel obligated to convert all the
      > world to their religion; that "non-believers" must convert, or pay tribute
      > and die". They want to rule the world! They are in the minority in America,
      > but in Sudan they are in the majority and are killing all Christians. Is
      > anyone awake out there???
      > Don Pullen, Venice, FL

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