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Re: [infoguys-list] New Euro Currency soon to be introduced into circulation

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  • James L. Williams
    There is a dreamer born every minute! ... how many of my American PI friends noticed the absence of a value exchange rate for the U.S. Dollar, in your
    Message 1 of 3 , Aug 22, 2001
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      There is a dreamer born every minute!

      At 01:14 PM 8/22/2001 -0500, sisfe@... wrote:
      >Dear Paolo,
      >I thank you my friend, for advising me of this coming date. I wonder just
      how many of my American PI friends noticed the absence of a 'value exchange
      rate' for the U.S. Dollar, in your prepared chart below?
      >I predicted well over ten years ago, to my friends, relatives and fellow
      business associates, that when that date comes, not the date "Euro Coins"
      are issued, but the date the new "Euro Paper Money" is issued or placed
      into circulation, that I believe a price equivalent will be placed on our
      U.S. Dollar....and that it will be almost zero, maybe a thousand U.S.
      Dollars to one Euro Dollar. At that time, there will be a panic sell by
      corporations and other businesses, of U.S. Dollars on the open markets,
      because no one will want to be caught with a dollar that will surely
      'decline' even more, in months to come!
      >The next sight will literally be "boat loads of American Dollars" coming
      back across the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, with our no longer any good,
      useless paper money !
      >We will truly have a "new day dawning" the very next day, here in America.
      >Most respectfully,
      >Max Farris
      >Southwest Intelligence Services
      >P.O. Box 1032
      >Edgewood, Texas 75117
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      > Sent: Wednesday, August 22, 2001 12:21 PM
      > Subject: [infoguys-list] New Euro Currency soon to be introduced into
      > On January 1st, 2002 the Euro banknotes will be introduced in 12 member
      states of the European Union (Italy, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Spain,
      France, Ireland, Holland, Austria, Portugal, Finland and Greece) and shall
      become the sole legal currency for those nations. The advent of the euro,
      however, means much more than exchanging one currency for another. It
      involves individuals and businesses not only in the countries that have
      joined the single currency, but all over the world.
      > It is in all our best interests to familiarise ourselves with the look
      and feel of the euro banknotes and coins.
      > The new coins - 50 billion of them - (1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 cents. 1 and 2
      Euros) will have one side common to all 12 countries and a reverse side
      specific to each country, while the 14.5 billion banknotes (5, 10, 20, 50,
      100, 200, 500 Euros) will look the same throughout the euro area.
      Altogether, the banknotes and coins being produced total over 664 billion
      > The speed of the changeover from existing national currencies to the
      euro will vary from country to country depending on their respective
      national changeover plans. Generally speaking however, nearly all nations
      involved have established February 28th, 2002 as the final changeover date.
      If you still have national banknotes after the changeover period has ended,
      you will only be able to exchange them at the counters of the national
      central bank for an indefinite or a very long period of time (10-20 years).
      > To protect the Euro banknotes against counterfeiting, a number of
      special security features have been incorporated into their design. The
      following will help you to identify genuine banknotes:
      > Tactile properties of the paper (in aid to visually impaired persons)
      and "Intaglio" print
      > Watermark
      > Security Thread
      > See-trough Register
      > Foil Hologram
      > Special Ink
      > In addition, machine-readable features have been integrated into the
      banknotes in order to allow cash handling machines to check their
      > The exchange rate for participating nations currency has been fixed for
      quite some time and is as follows:
      > 1 Euro equals
      > 1.936,27 Italian Lira
      > 1,95583 German Marks
      > 40,3399 Belgian Francs
      > 40,3399 Luxembourg Francs
      > 166,386 Spanish Pesetas
      > 6,55957 French Francs
      > 0,787564 Irish Pounds
      > 2,20371 Dutch Guilders
      > 13,7603 Austrian Shillings
      > 200,482 Portuguese Escudos
      > 5,94570 Finnish Marks
      > 340,75 Greek Drachmas
      > All major European security forces have been alerted to be particularly
      vigilant during the first months of circulation of the new currency as
      currency counterfeit fraud and related crimes are expected to rise
      considerably. Also the actual transport and handling of both the new and
      the old currencies shall present serious security implications.
      > Persons from nations outside of "Euro-Land", and/or expecting to travel
      here in the first months of 2002, are advised to change any loose
      "pre-Euro" currency they possess and acquaint themselves with the new
      > For those colleagues who wish, I can supply them with a "Zipped" Jpeg
      file of all new banknote specimens. Just send me an Email OFFLIST.
      > Kind Regards
      > Paul Sfriso
      > Director
      > GRUPPO S.I.T.
      > Security, Investigations & Tecnology
      > Quarto d'Altino, Venice
      > ITALY
      > phone +39 0422 828517
      > fax +39 0422 823224
      > 24hr GSM cellphone +39 335 5257308
      > paulsfriso@...
      > www.grupposit.com
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