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Re: Ingram's/Ripa's Internet/Security Seminar

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    A Texan and a Canuck working together. Wouldn t they tend to cancel each other out? ... event in ... you hadn t. ... being ... Enough said? ... your ... be
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 10, 2001
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      A Texan and a Canuck working together. Wouldn't they tend to cancel
      each other out?

      --- In infoguys-list@y..., "Mr. I Weyrich" <private--
      investigator@h...> wrote:
      > ...Pay attention folks, I just attended Brian's/Kevin's most recent
      event in
      > Detroit. The majority don't know me and if you did, you may wish
      you hadn't.
      > Nor am I the "brightest bulb in the box". However, I am someone who
      > recognizes the need for ongoing professional development as well as
      > one to look out for my own best interest and that of my family.
      Enough said?
      > Brian's Internet Investigation and Profiling seminar offers you and
      > organization an opportunity to develop an "investigative tool" you
      > cannot/should not do without... or you and your organization should
      > prepared to pay for and possibly pay for dearly. (and ultimately
      will one
      > way or another... your competition is likely to have this!). THIS
      > DEVELOPS EVIDENCE... and like it or not, in our business, evidence
      > to earnings. It works in virtually any type of investigation. Could
      it be
      > any clearer?
      > Kevin's security presentation will ensure your know how to secure
      > computer (and therefore so is your CHAIN OF EVIDENCE) and that your
      > computers operate at top efficiency without catching any internet
      > locking up, imploding, exploding, catching on fire, or otherwise
      > to "give up the ghost" or the like, which cost you and your
      > countless "man hours" of aggravation which could be spent on more
      > enterprising tasks (like making money! or sleeping). The
      courts/lawyers are
      > also becoming more computer savvy (likely in large part to these
      > and unless you put it in a safe each night... your vulnerable, or
      > will be... its that simple.
      > Kevin's presentation will further empower you to make informed
      > purchases as well as perform some simple do-it-yourself changes
      (emphasis on
      > "simple") to protect and enhance your computer's security and your
      > computer's efficiency, which undoubtedly will save you money... and
      that's a
      > good thing by the way.
      > Both of these Investigative Professionals will provide a no hype,
      > straightforward presentation "in English" with instruction that you
      can take
      > to the home/office and apply immediately.
      > Get on the ball people... Like I said, You don't know me... and you
      > don't need to. There are enough reputable people on any of these
      > investigator list/forum who will and/or have endorsed these
      > for some time now in one form or another (read the requesting post
      > respective replies) which should clue even the densest of us out
      there as to
      > how important this is becoming within our profession.
      > And just think about it... A Texan and a Canuck working together...
      that in
      > itself has got to be the makings for some great entertainment! You
      folks in
      > Florida should be particularly aware of this fact! And these gents
      > anything but boring!
      > You need to sign up yesterday... And that goes for you folks in the
      > Canada area too.
      > Regards,
      > Ingemar
      > Mr. I Weyrich
      > Private Investigator
      > Toronto, Canada
      > private--investigator@h...
      > Member: Council of Private Investigators-Ontario (CPIO)
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