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  • Sean Morrison
    ... From: J.P. To: Sean Morrison Sent: Thursday, March 08, 2001 9:31 PM Subject: Re: Ethics Thanks Sean, I will post you letter on our newsgroup as well. I
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      From: J.P.
      Sent: Thursday, March 08, 2001 9:31 PM
      Subject: Re: Ethics

      Thanks Sean,

      I will post you letter on our newsgroup as well.  I appreciate the feedback and  keep on writing.



      Sean Morrison wrote:

      Dear Editor, I would like to commend yourself and all those involved in the excellent work you are doing with the Source, its a treat to read it, I love the jokes. My reason for this first letter to the Source is the article by Norman Groot, B.A. LL.B., C.F.P in the March issue, 2001, I learn quite a lot from his fine law articles and am an admirer of his, that having been said I would like to give the members my stand on third parties interest, especially in matters involving National nortority or publicity, article (5) P.I.A.B.C. code of ethics. We have to be diligent , as one of my educators in Interrogation, Aviniom Sapir, ex Israel Police, of the Laboratory for Scientific Interrogation, would profess, "Then shalt thou Inquire, make search, and ask diligently" I did when I received a phone call from a film company in California, quite some time ago, I do not know if it was Nash Entertainment, but they offered me a 20 million audience, renumeration etc. for me to appear on their show, possibly.      I explained to the caller that I was governed by a code of ethics, in fact more than one set, P.I.A.B.C. Council of International Investigators, Certified Fraud Examiners. etc. Thanked him for his kind offer, and politely turned him down. If I may blow my own thumpet here as Im in the mood, I cannot reach that far up my back to slap it, hence the trumpet, which of course I cannot play, like Bill Clinton, did he really blow a trumpet? the things some people will do. I will make this quick, I was hired to find a young lady and her two children, ( we are still talking ethics fellows) offered a large sum of money, as with some cases that I do, I refuse to take any money if it looks like I may not be able to help the client, we shook hands, it was a clammy hand, ( red flag) I dident particulary like the character. I found the lady and two children in the lower mainland through my inquiries, but was not comfortable, so before I would hand over this information, I popped into Brunswick St. Cop Shop, chatted a little with a seargent, the guy has been a shady character in the past, no, not the seargent, I met the Client, old clammy hand, and told him that I could not find the targets. Six months later, Willow River was in distress, clammy hand had been taking photo,s of little children in various poses and sexual explicit sex acts, drugging them etc. I talked to the lady constable who was handling the case and handed her some pertinent information, which I hoped would help put him and his live in girlfriend in jail. The constable remarked to me, you are the one with the ethics that came in six months ago, hence the trumpet, but without the P.I.A.B.C. and its ethics it could have turned out different. No amount of money can replace the satisfaction that I get when I lay my head down on my pillow at night and know that two dangerous offenders are locked up and some kids are safe in Willow River. So, Norm, and fellow members thats my little contribution to our excellent association and its ETHICS. Sean Morrison C.I.I.Member:P.I.A.B.C.Special Air Service Association U.K.Council of International Investigators,Certified Fraud Examiners Association.Institute of Mercantile Agents, Australia.EX: Appointed Youth Court Justice Committee. 

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