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It's my opinion and I'm sticking to it

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    Date: Sat, 27 Jan 2001 18:43:58 -0500 From: Laura Wallace Subject: Re: Re: It s my opinion and I m sticking to it... To the list....I would
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      Date: Sat, 27 Jan 2001 18:43:58 -0500
      From: "Laura Wallace" <wadinv@...>
      Subject: Re: Re: It's my opinion and I'm sticking to it...

      To the list....I would like to know what professionalism is....A
      Misspelled word? It seems to me that many on this list have so much time
      on their hands to cut down someone, say mean things about another, etc. <snip>
      I ask again, what is professionalism? And who gives a hoot
      about the spell check. This time I ask publicly for your opinion and the
      reason to make this list worth staying on....

      Speak on....But try to be kind.
      Laura Wallace
      Without a Doubt Investigations, Inc.

      Hi! 1/28/2001

      You asked for PUBLIC opinion. OK:

      Professionalism starts with POLITENESS, which encompasses:

      a) Using spell checks:

      By using spell check you ARE polite to the recipient and do not
      "hit him" into the face. Using spell check, so easy to use these
      days (I would not say that I or my computer spell check are perfect though).
      Indeed it DOES make a bad and unprofessional impression
      on the reader of the message if the text is (full of) mistakes
      which are "obvious".

      b) Cutting off the „"tails" of the messages:

      To cut down the "tails" of the messages sent, especially if one was
      politely asked off-list to do so to due to some readers having to
      pay for every bit and byte online AND because "many on this list"
      do NOT "have so much time on their hands to" go through all the
      mails time and time again.

      Respectfully from one female investigator to another

      Nearly 30 years of GLOBEWIDE investigations of all kinds
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