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[Fwd: [LegalMed] Idaho High Court Leaves $9.6 Million Verdict Intact For Woman Whose Insurer Deni]

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    FYI--yet another State Farm deception: ... [Wireless web technology from Motorola]
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 4, 2001
      FYI--yet another State Farm deception:

      budkkluka@... wrote:


      The following verdict may be of interest to members on this list.  "The Idaho
      Supreme Court on Dec. 28 left intact a $9.6 million verdict for a woman whose
      insurer used false reports generated by a paper review company to deny full
      coverage of her accident injury claim (Cindy Robinson v. State Farm Mutual
      Automobile Insurance Co., No. 24952, Idaho Sup.)."

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      Litigation Resource</A>


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