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PI Wisdom Questions

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  • tabr0wn@yahoo.com
    Advertising & Purchasing Questions. I ve taken one letter that was posted to me on one of the lists and have used it here to answer the flood of questions
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 11, 2000
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      Advertising & Purchasing Questions. I've taken one letter that was
      posted to me on one of the lists and have used it here to answer the
      flood of questions I've received since my earlier post about "PI

      Hi Chuck and thanks for your interest. Here are your answers I

      I checked out your web site and was impressed with your
      writers. -------------> Thank you. They are experts in their fields
      and teach our readers stuff they didn't know they needed to learn.
      Kelly Riddle has written a great article about tracking down hidden
      assets that will be published in the next issue. Our caliber of
      writers is tops.

      I am with moderate interest in placing an ad, however, I am not
      familiar with your mag., could you forward an earlier issue? ---------
      ---> There are 2 sample Joseph Culligan newsletters online at
      http://www.josephculligan.com about half way down the page. They are
      in PDF format so you will need the free Acrobat Reader to view them,
      which link is available on the same page. The quality of articles
      posted are excellent and the information invaluable and worthy of the
      PI Magazine. In Fact, the PI Magazine is reprinting the article by
      Julie Posey that is featured in one of the sample newsletters on
      Joe's website.

      Or is the key word here debut? -------------> For the compilation
      of "PI Wisdom," yes. The Joseph Culligan newsletter has only existed
      since June of 1999 and we are barely getting off the ground

      What type of circulation do you have/anticipate and to what type of
      audience (s)?. ------------> I will be printing 1,500 copies of "PI
      Wisdom" and they will be given at the seminar to PI's, the legal
      community, and LEO's. After the seminar the remainder will be
      distributed to PI Schools and PI Associations as well as BAR

      Purchasing Info for "PI Wisdom": After the seminar, if there is an
      increased demand for them, I may decide to print more of them and
      sell them at a discount with newsletter subscriptions.

      If you are still interested in placing an ad, everyone who places an
      ad of at least 1/4 page in size will also get a free copy. Please
      email me off the list if you wish to have an ad placed. If there is
      anything else I can help you with, do not hesitate to ask.

      Teri Brown
      Newsletter Editor/Webmaster for Joseph Culligan
      Author of the new book "You Can Find Anybody"
      "You, Too, Can Find Anybody"
      "Manhunt: The Book"
      "When In Doubt Check Him Out"
      Check out the
      Las Vegas Annual Intelligence Gathering Symposium
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