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Investigator Turns Author

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  • Silvania, Jim
    Investigator turns author with release of novel about corruption in Cowtown Nate Ellis Daily Reporter Staff Writer 09/18/2000 Cowtown, a fictional tale of
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      Investigator turns author with release of novel about corruption in


      Nate Ellis
      Daily Reporter Staff Writer


      "Cowtown," a fictional tale of prostitution, murder and
      political corruption is to be officially released today, marking
      literary debut of Jim Silvania, a chief investigator for the
      Columbus law office of Porter, Wright, Morris & Arthur and
      member of the Columbus Police Department.

      After five years of recounting his investigative endeavors

      while working with the Columbus Police Department, Silvania will

      finally see his collective experiences come to fruition with the

      release of his first novel.

      According to the author, it is the fictional story of two
      officers who are accompanied by a local television news
      during the raid of an illegal house of prostitution. But the
      heats up when it is discovered that the highly-publicized flop
      is an FBI-run operation involving drugs, guns, murder, political

      corruption, and of course, an attempted cover-up.

      The novel's main character, Michael Genovese, soon leaves
      post as an undercover police officer to become a private
      Shortly after, Genovese and his boss, attorney Connie Clark,
      vigorously to bring justice to the debauched town.

      "It's a fictional text that deals with, as you can tell,
      Columbus," Silvania said. "The TV reporter is loosely based on

      Not surprisingly, "Cowtown" is the product of Silvania's
      years of investigative experience. For the past 15 years, the
      has worked as chief investigator for Porter, Wright, a job in
      he said he is called upon to "find the truth" for the law firm's

      Prior to joining the firm, Silvania worked for 17 years
      the Columbus Police Department. He spent 13 of those years in
      department's Intelligence Bureau investigating organized crime
      throughout Ohio.

      While working with the department, Silvania served as
      bodyguards to Ronald Reagan in 1974, when the former president
      the United States was campaigning in Ohio for the presidential
      nomination, and a former Israeli premier defense minister who
      visiting Columbus in the late 1970s. He also went undercover to
      bring charges of murder, drug trafficking and receiving stolen
      property against the Dayton, Ohio-based motorcycle gang, the
      "Outlaws," as well as expose a jewel theft operation.

      "They say that everybody's got one (book) in them, and
      this is
      mine," Silvania said. "But I'd like to make this a series."

      "Cowtown" is being released by Xlibris Corp., an online
      "strategic partner" of Random House Ventures. According to the
      publishing company's Web site, potential authors submit their
      manuscripts to Xlibris, which in turn works with the author to
      format and design the novel's cover, and then stores the
      file digitally.

      Books are added to the Xlibris' online bookstore, as well
      other "popular" booksellers like Amazon.com and Borders.com.
      someone places an order for a copy, the publishing company
      the text, ships the novel to the consumer, and the royalties
      the sale are split by the company and the author.

      "I went digital with it and it will be printed on demand,"

      Silvania said. "I think, for the writing aspect of it, had it
      been for the new digital publishing company, I probably would
      have submitted it."

      Silvania said "Cowtown" transformed memories to narrative
      after many conversations and the exchange of "war stories" with
      number of colleagues. He added that the majority of the book was

      written during evenings at home, after "playing" on his

      "It's something that anybody could do, I just took the
      time to
      do it," he said.

      Although he has been eagerly anticipating its release,
      Silvania said he also has been apprehensive about the event.
      This is
      because he believes those people from Columbus upon whom he
      the book's characters will quickly be able to identify

      "I feel like an expectant father," he said. "I've kind of
      it a semi secret because I do like my job here at Porter, Wright
      I would like to keep it. It's pretty racy in spots - sex, drugs
      rock 'n' roll - the whole works.

      "The reason I made it a fictional book is because I didn't

      care to get sued," he added. "That's the best way to explain the
      parts. But the people who are in there will know who they are."

      Silvania also serves as the executive director of the Ohio

      Association of Security & Investigative Services, and is a
      member of
      the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners and the National
      Association of Legal Investigators. In between fulfilling
      obligations for the various associations and his job at Porter,
      Wright, he has begun work on his second book, which he hopes
      will be
      the second part of his literary series.

      But as for now, he is satisfied with his first published
      He said he is interested in seeing how "Cowtown" is received,
      and if
      response is favorable, he will likely submit the piece for
      with another publishing company.

      "I'm not looking for a profit, I just want to get back
      what I
      put into it," he said. "It was just something I wanted to do, so
      did it for myself."

      book available at: www.xlibris.com/cowtown.html
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