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RE: [infoguys-list] ILL

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  • Parker, Brad
    It sounds the same as plowing , where the car is going too fast for the corner and when the wheel is turned too sharp the tires don t roll anymore, they just
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      RE: [infoguys-list] ILL

      It sounds the same as "plowing", where the car is going too fast for the corner and when the wheel is turned too sharp the tires don't roll anymore, they just skid perpendicular to the line of travel.  If they are underinflated the sidewall can roll over and the bead can break.

      For your tire expert on the East Coast, you might want to try Tony Scotti at SecurityDriver.com  (tonyscotti@...)

      Brad Parker

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        << Hi Ron! Last I heard was that you had this guy put away? Don't give up! Don
        Not yet IM working on it.  Also I need a PI int he Panama City area that wont
        screw another PI. This is a civil case could run for a while.
        Also looking for an expert on tires in northwest Florida anyone got any ideas?
        Ron Schulte

        P. S    list has anyone ever heard of a phenomenon known as SHOVELING" were a
        tire will go sideways in the lose sand and the sand will blow the bead on the
        tire out causing a blow out?

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