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Re: [infoguys-list] Re: Manslaughter Appeal

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  • DAWassoc@aol.com
    Larry, have you read the case file yet? Don Don Wagner-Owner D.A.Wagner & Associates PO Box 1193 Magalia,CA.95954 530-873-9330 530-248-3268 (Fax) CA PI LIC
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 31, 2000
      Larry, have you read the case file yet?

      Don Wagner-Owner
      D.A.Wagner & Associates
      PO Box 1193
      530-248-3268 (Fax)
      CA PI LIC 12492
      CA PPO LIC 13792
      ICQ# 73669496
      ACFE IN
    • Larry C. Miller
      Thanks,Vicki..I forwarded this to my attorney...Larry Miller
      Message 2 of 2 , Sep 1, 2000
        Thanks,Vicki..I forwarded this to my attorney...Larry Miller

        Vicki Siedow wrote:

        > > Have you tried the ACLU or NAACP? THey have a lot f requests, but will sometimes provide legal assistance. In what could be a high profile
        > > case such as this, they may help.
        > I do know of a sort of related case, but unfortunately can't recall the girl's name. Her car blew a tire on the freeway during morning rush
        > hour. She did have a DUI from one or two years prior, and had had a couple of glasses af wine the night before. Definitely not enough to be
        > more than a trace by morning, since she had the wine with dinner, slept a full night and was on her way to work. She also admits that her
        > tires were getting worn. Her car spun out and flipped. She was OK, and no one hit her car, but there was of course a lot of swerving to
        > avoid her vehicle, and other accidents occurred because of this. One of those vehicles involved in the chain reaction was an airporter van.
        > Some of the passengers did not have seat belts on. An old man, unbelted, died in the accident.
        > The young girl went to jail for murder. I felt that it should have been vehicular manslaughter at most, but because she had a prior DUI and
        > there was still a trace (trace only) of alcohol in her blood, she was automatically at fault. There may also have been an element of
        > negligence for the tires being worn, I'm not sure. She had a ton of support, financial & otherwise, from friends and family, and supposedly
        > great attorneys. She was doing about 2-4 years time for the offense, the last time I knew.
        > Vicki
        > > Date: Thu, 31 Aug 2000 23:13:02 -0000
        > > From: "Jamey " <tresrottnj@...>
        > > Subject: Re: Manslaughter Appeal
        > >
        > > Mr Miller,
        > > >From a laypersons point of view I would hope you are investigating
        > > her
        > > atty. for sheer idiocy. They are appealing I hope. I do understand
        > > where you are coming from(about the racial thing, re-elections,) but
        > > I
        > > have a hard time believing that to be the only reason for the
        > > conviction. If the boy was legally intoxicated, this was discovered
        > > by
        > > autopsy and entered in the court records? Yet ignored?
        > > I do know 85S (traveled down that way quite a bit)and I am trying to
        > > understand how the incident happened. Did she break down right in the
        > > middle of the highway? Was she on the side of the road? Was the
        > > accident scene investigated properly to prove that he was speeding?
        > > (speed limit is 70 down there)
        > > I just can't think of any cases similar to a drunk hitting someone
        > > and
        > > that someone getting sent to jail. The drunk, yes. The innocent
        > > person
        > > they hit? no.
        > > What exactly did the Atty do in order to defend his client??
        > > It sure doesn't sound like much.
        > >
        > > Jamey
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