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What is the best database for "criminal record checks" (local/state/federal)

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    The Jungle of conducting an accurate Criminal Background Check Good afternoon group: I am looking for assistance in locating the BEST accurate database for
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 23, 2013
      The Jungle of conducting an accurate Criminal Background Check

      Good afternoon group:

      I am looking for assistance in locating the BEST "accurate"
      database for conducting criminal records. I recently had
      "Clear" Database provides come to my office, they sell to FBI
      and others and are expensive at over $1K+ a month for unlimited access
      but from what I see, they may be well worth it. Before moving forward
      with their services, I wanted to ask the group if anyone knows of a
      database that is great in conducting criminal checks with a large
      coverage area. I recently conducted a criminal record check using TLO &
      IRB, along with using the Federal Docket as a separate search, they are
      good for locating Federal crimes; nothing was located but
      "Clear" located a felony. The databases are truly a mess and
      it's unfair to the investigators and our clients when your unable to
      provide an accurate criminal record when hiring employees or people to
      watch your children. The only true accurate criminal record would be
      running every county in the United States, not feasible.

      ISSUES I SEE: 1) Not all states offer a statewide search, making it
      costly running each county and guesstimating which counties to run based
      on your address history search; not always accurate. 2) State level
      criminal checks are good, but not perfect; county level employees often
      do not report to the state level (I've seen it before, whereas a
      FDLE state search (Florida) showed nothing, yet I located a county
      record in Broward). 3) TLO, IRB, Amer-Info, and others have a large
      coverage area but obviously not large enough, as "Millard County in
      NV" is not within their coverage…however "Clear" located
      it. 4) If the individual arrested was arrested for a "federal"
      crime it can often not show in the county or state level, and a Federal
      Docket Search is needed. So that means you could be arrested for drug
      trafficking in a certain county by federal agents…and when you run a
      county criminal check it could (and often) would not show due to federal
      agencies not communicating with state/local ones and vise versa. 5)
      Lastly, the Federal Docket appears not to be as accurate as hoped
      either, they only provide "serious", State Felony's (on a
      state level)…to include appellate processes…not local
      felony's; I was confused on that as well. So you could run a
      federal docket search and find nothing but the subject in question could
      have been arrested in a county by local police that categorized the
      offense as a local felony. Still confused on that one…

      Any help would be greatly appreciated, is there a database out there
      that checks (local, state, federal) along with arrests, criminal
      records, warrants, and state/local felony's??

      Thank you in advanced…

      Darren L. Epstein, PI

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