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WC Fraud abounds

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    Top Ten Workers’ Compensation Fraud Cases For 2012 Guest post from Leonard Jernigan of the NC Bar* Over the past few years, many states have aggressively
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 17, 2013
      Top Ten Workers’ Compensation Fraud Cases For 2012

      Guest post from Leonard Jernigan of the NC Bar*

      Over the past few years, many states have aggressively gone after workers’
      compensation fraud (whether it’s the employee or the employer) and the
      amount of employer fraud being discovered continues to be staggering,
      notwithstanding these efforts.

      Legitimate business owners that pay for workers’ compensation, as required
      by law, are at a competitive disadvantage with those who cheat the system,
      and when people suffer a workplace disability and have no insurance local
      businesses that provide goods and services feel the pain along with health
      care providers who cannot get properly paid for their services. The cost of
      medical care and disability ends up being shifted to the taxpayer through
      Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, and in states where compliance is
      not vigorously enforced a culture of cheating continues. The top ten cases
      for 2012 are listed below.

      2012 TOP TEN
      Total Fraud: $97,466,500.00

      (http://gelmanmedia.us4.list-manage.com/track/click?u=d03d949631f0d3b8cc699e19b&id=909a95d299&e=d6dba65757) CFO Jeff Atwater and Broward Sheriff Al
      Lamberti announced multiple arrests in Operation Dirty Money.

      1. ‘Operation Dirty Money,’ Stings Workers’ Comp Fraud Check Cashing
      Scheme (FLA) 07/27/2012
      Multiple arrests were announced in Florida’s joint task force’s ‘
      Operation Dirty Money,’ which led to the arrest of alleged ringleader Hugo
      Rodriguez, owner of the Oto Group, Inc., and seven other individuals. Mr. Rodriguez
      was the facilitator of 10 known shell companies that funneled in excess of
      $70 million in undeclared and undetected payroll through different money
      service businesses.
      By using shell companies, Rodriguez was able to run a large construction
      operation and avoid paying the cost of workers’ compensation coverage,
      leaving employees at risk and scamming legitimate businesses.

      2. Firms Face Charges for Skipping Workers’ Comp Payments (OH) 05/13/2012
      Thousands of Ohio companies violated state law by not paying their most
      recent workers’ compensation premium, which can drive up insurance costs for
      businesses that follow the rules, a Dayton Daily News analysis found.
      The bureau identified about 41,247 private employers in the state that
      failed to report their payroll data and submit premium payments by the
      deadline. As of May, more than 12,200 accounts remain outstanding, and those
      companies owe an estimated $5.6 million in premiums.

      3. Case Proves Employee Leasing too Good to be True (TX) 07/10/2012
      $4,466,500.00 was awarded in a Texas court against a staffing agency and
      its workers’ compensation insurance company. Jackson Brothers Hot Oil
      Service hired Business Staffing, Inc., (BSI) in 1999 and required BSI to have
      workers’ compensation insurance for its leased employees. BSI had 150 client
      companies with 2,000 employees.
      BSI bought a policy from Transglobal Indemnity for a total premium of
      $4,100.00 to cover all its employees. After failing to pay the medical bills of
      a 27-year-old oil field worker who was in an explosion and had 18
      surgeries, the employee and Jackson Brothers sued BSI and Transglobal for fraud.
      Neither Transglobal (who had its corporate headquarters in the Turks and
      Caicos Islands) nor BSI had a license to conduct insurance business in Texas.

      (http://gelmanmedia.us4.list-manage.com/track/click?u=d03d949631f0d3b8cc699e19b&id=48ed2e0d29&e=d6dba65757) George Osumi was indicted on numerous
      felony counts.
      4. Business Owner Faces Insurance-fraud Charges (CA) 05/02/2012
      Construction business owner George Osumi of Irvine, California was
      indicted on numerous felony counts of misrepresenting facts to the State
      Compensation Insurance Fund, among other charges.
      From December 2001 to March of 2006, Mr. Osumi committed workers’
      compensation premium fraud by reporting his payroll to SCIF at just over $1
      million, under-reporting over $3.5 million in payroll. This fraud resulted in a
      loss of over $814,000.00 in premium owed to the insurance fund.

      (http://gelmanmedia.us4.list-manage1.com/track/click?u=d03d949631f0d3b8cc699e19b&id=005f811379&e=d6dba65757) Newton Contracting Company misclassified
      half of its workforce as subcontractors.
      5. Watertown Roofing Company and its Owners Plead Guilty and are Sentenced
      for Labor Violations (MA) 01/11/2012
      The Massachusetts Insurance Fraud Bureau discovered that the company,
      Newton Contracting Company, Inc., owned by Shaun Bryan and Antoinette
      Capurso-Bryan, misclassified half of its workforce as subcontractors, as well as
      failing to disclose to auditors more than $3.4 million of their company’s
      misclassified subcontractor payroll during its annual workers’ compensation

      6. 7-Year Sentence in $3.1 Million Fraud Case (CA) 11/30/2012
      Steven Morales, 65, of Wildomar, CA was convicted and sentenced to seven
      years in prison for his part in a $3.1 million workers’ compensation scheme.
      His son Brian was also convicted and sentenced to 4 years in prison.
      Morales and his son had set up a sophisticated system of shell companies to hide
      payroll and avoid paying workers’ compensation premiums.

      7. Construction Company President Accused of Payroll Fraud (FL) 03/29/2012
      Randall Seltzer, president of Navarre Industries, Inc., was charged with
      multiple felony counts, including workers’ compensation fraud. An
      investigation by Florida’s Department of Financial Services’ Division of Insurance
      Fraud revealed that Seltzer systematically and intentionally under-reported
      his corporation’s true payroll to his insurance carrier. The department’s
      Division of Workers’ Compensation issued the company two stop-work orders
      within a five-year period.

      Seltzer allegedly established a shell corporation in 2011 to intentionally
      violate the stop-work orders and continue operating his construction
      business illegally. If convicted, Seltzer could face up to 30 years in prison
      and pay over $2.8 million in restitution.

      (http://gelmanmedia.us4.list-manage2.com/track/click?u=d03d949631f0d3b8cc699e19b&id=2e5b9bc87f&e=d6dba65757) Yucet Batista allegedly used a shell
      company to commit large-scale fraud.
      8. CFO Jeff Atwater Announces Arrest of Owner of Fake Company for Creating
      Fraudulent Insurance Certificates and Avoiding Millions in Premiums (FL)
      Yucet Batista was arrested for allegedly creating more than 250 fraudulent
      certificates of insurance to help uninsured contractors avoid $2.1 million
      in workers compensation premiums.
      Batista created the company and obtained the workers’ compensation
      insurance policy for the purpose of “renting” it, or making it available to
      dozens of uninsured subcontractors for a fee.

      9. Audits Uncover Almost $1.2 million in Workers’ Compensation Violations
      at Boston Marriott Project (MA) 09/04/2012
      In 12 audits conducted by the Joint Enforcement Task Force on the
      Underground Economy and Employee Misclassification and the Executive Office of
      Labor and Workforce Development, it was discovered that there were $584,249.00
      in misclassified 1099 wages and $584,287 in unreported W-2 earnings, for a
      total of $1,171,536.00 in unreported wages by subcontractors on the Marriot
      renovation project.
      Six companies misclassified workers as contractors rather than employees,
      and seven companies failed to report wages. Among the worst of the
      offenders were one company that misclassified 28 workers and failed to report over
      $410,000.00 in wages; another failed to report $462,081 in W-2 wages.

      (http://gelmanmedia.us4.list-manage.com/track/click?u=d03d949631f0d3b8cc699e19b&id=cc70aaafd8&e=d6dba65757) Owners of the historic Brookdale Inn and
      Spa are facing trial on charges of falsifying wage information to obtain
      lower insurance premiums.

      10. Inn Owners Facing Workers’ Compensation and Insurance Fraud Charges
      (CA) 06/13/2012
      The owners of historic Brookdale Inn and Spa, Sanjiv and Neelam Kakkar,
      are facing trial on charges that they falsified wage information to obtain
      lower insurance premiums. According to records, the couple paid approximately
      $800,000 less in insurance premiums than they should have over a period of
      several years.

      *_Leonard T. Jernigan, Jr_ (http://www.jernlaw.com/attorneys.htm#1) .
      practices in Raleigh, North Carolina (_The Jernigan Law Firm_
      (http://www.jernlaw.com/index.htm) ). Mr. Jernigan is the author of _North Carolina
      Practice, Workers Compensation Law and Practice 4th ed._
      (http://west.thomson.com/productdetail/128484/40121136/productdetail.aspx) He has been recognized by
      _Best Lawyers in America_ (http://www.bestlawyers.com/) and _Super Lawyers_
      (http://www.superlawyers.com/) . Leonard T. Jernigan, Jr. is an Adjunct
      Professor of Workers Compensation Law at _North Central University School of
      Law_ (http://web.nccu.edu/law/faculty/faculty/fbios.html) . He is one of
      only 48 workers' compensation attorneys in the United States authorized by the
      National Football League Players Association (_NFLPA_
      (http://www.nflplayers.com/) ) to represent its members. He is also authorized to represent
      players in the National Hockey League (_NHL_ (http://www.nhl.com/) ) and the
      Professional Hockey Players Association (_PHPA_ (http://www.phpa.com/) ) as
      well as other professional athletes.

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