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A Welcome Message I sent to LinkedIn Groups

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  • oracleintl@aol.com
    This is a welcome message I sent to the groups I belong to on LinkedIn ... which is pretty much Scam Central. I thought you guys might enjoy it. A
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 1 8:11 AM
      This is a welcome message I sent to the groups I belong to on LinkedIn ...
      which is pretty much "Scam Central." I thought you guys might enjoy it.
      A Financial Investigator's Welcome to LinkedIn
      Welcome to a Happy New Year in this special place called LinkedIn
      While the rest of the world entrusts their money to licensed, well
      educated brokers working for bona fide broker dealers selling registered
      securities, struggling to realize modest returns, you will have an opportunity here
      to deal with the real experts of the industry, the unlicensed self employed
      individuals promoting unregistered securities working out of post office
      boxes, using GMail addresses. These purveyors of Wall Street wizardry
      realize fabulous returns because they are privy to the "secrets," known only to
      the very rich.
      While the rest of the world submits their business proposals to financial
      institutions that scrutinize them carefully, and often deny them, you will
      have access here to brokers who can offer 100% LTV, at minimal interest,
      with guaranteed approval ... to have access to their funders, with billions
      of dollars available, all you will need to do is pay their advanced fees
      for services, due diligence, and so forth and then wait for the money to
      pour in. They know the secrets too.
      While the rest of the world strives to develop strategies to make money in
      a faltering global economy, you will have access to millionaire mentors
      who will share with you the secrets of the phenomenal successes that they
      have achieved without being bothered by the professional licensing and
      financial services registrations and regulations. They are so busy sharing their
      secrets, that they often are buried in liens, judgments, foreclosures,
      evictions, lawsuits and bankruptcies but they will make the time necessary to
      help you achieve your dreams ... if you front them their fee.
      While the global banking industry concerns itself with FATF initiatives,
      FinCEN, AML, KYC, etc., here you will have access here to Private Bankers
      offering you the privacy and secrecy you deserve.
      Here you will have access to tax experts offering offshore entities and
      complex constellations of trusts that will make you tax free forever.
      Here, you will learn about PPP's, MTN's, SBLC's, SWIFT transactions and
      transfers, Angel Investors, BG's, POF's, HYIP's, etc., all from the gurus of
      international finance and investment intimately associated with the world's
      top twenty-five prime banks.
      The real secrets, known only to the world's wealthiest, would otherwise be
      virtually inaccessible to the uninitiated, because they are not actually
      "known," by the uber wealthy, who just derive the benefits because they
      financially support the true owners of those secrets, the Trilateral
      Commission, as administered by the Illuminati, subject to enforcement by the Free
      Masons' Lodge of the Black Moon.
      It's all part of the Global Domination Agenda, heralded by the New World
      Order, the group of persons, entities and business interests that
      surreptitiously exert total control over international relations, economics, media
      and technology on a global scale.
      The common man, and the uninitiated, would have no prayer, but for those
      brave few that allow them access to the Private Placement Platforms and
      Prime Bank Transfers, and make it possible to monetize leased SBLC's and other
      arcane instruments, including ... nay, especially including, Black Eagle
      Mexican Bonds.
      Be aware that LinkedIn, and the wellspring of leaked secrets, is the bane
      of the Bilderberg Group, a mysterious sinister clique of elitist
      intellectuals and the Bilderberg lobbyists, manipulating the public in furtherance of
      their goal to install a world government that knows no borders and is not
      accountable to anyone but its own self.
      Remember, they cannot say it on the Internet if it isn't true.
      Welcome to the New Year.
      Bill E. Branscum, Financial Investigator
      Former Special Agent, US Department of the Treasury

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