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ISPLA News: Privacy Implications in Web Data Collection

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  • Peter Psarouthakis
    FTC Agenda for Workshop Exploring Practices, Privacy Implications of Comprehensive Collection of Web Data The Federal Trade Commission today announced a
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      FTC Agenda for Workshop Exploring Practices, Privacy Implications of
      Comprehensive Collection of Web Data

      The Federal Trade Commission today announced a preliminary agenda for
      <http://ftc.gov/bcp/workshops/bigpicture/> The Big Picture: Comprehensive
      Data Collection, a workshop that will explore the practices and privacy
      implications of comprehensive data collection. Consumer protection
      organizations, academics, business and industry representatives, privacy
      professionals, and others will examine the technological landscape, benefits
      and risks, consumer knowledge and attitude, and the future of comprehensive
      data collection. The workshop is being held in Washington, DC, on Dec. 6,
      2012 and is being monitored by ISPLA.


      9:00-9:15am ET

      Opening Remarks
      Commissioner Julie Brill
      Federal Trade Commission


      The Technological Landscape of Comprehensive Data Collection
      In this presentation, Professor Dan Wallach, Rice University, will explain
      the current technological means through which consumers' online activities
      can be collected and the limits to that technology. He will explore which
      types of entities have the ability to collect data about consumers' online
      activities in order to create comprehensive profiles. He will also describe
      current and possible future uses for such profiles.




      Benefits and Risks of Comprehensive Data Collection
      This panel will explore both the benefits to consumers from the technologies
      that allow comprehensive data collection as well as the various privacy
      concerns associated with the ability to track all, or virtually all, of a
      consumer's online activities. The panel will discuss the products and
      services these technologies create or enable; the types of information that
      can be collected and how that information is used; and the associated
      benefits and privacy risks.




      Commissioner Maureen K. Ohlhausen
      Federal Trade Commission


      Consumer Attitudes About and Choice with Respect to Comprehensive Data
      This panel will examine consumer attitudes and knowledge about comprehensive
      data collection and the role of consumer choice and transparency. Panelists
      will discuss what consumers know about the comprehensive data collection
      that can or does occur; what consumers should be told about such collection;
      what choices consumers should have about such collection; and whether there
      are competitive alternatives in order to make choices meaningful.




      The Future of Comprehensive Data Collection
      This panel will focus on potential next steps for industry and policy makers
      in the area of comprehensive data collection. In particular, panelists will
      discuss what standards should apply to comprehensive data collection and
      whether the market can provide alternatives for consumers who wish to avoid
      such collection.


      Closing Remarks

      Bruce Hulme, ISPLA Director of Government Affairs - www.ISPLA.org

      Resource to the Profession, to Government, and to the Media

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