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Internet Intelligence Webinars

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  • Monica Woodward
    Presented by David Vine Associates, LLC Special Package Deals: Any 3 webinars regularly priced $49.95 for $130 Any 4 webinars regularly priced $49.95 for $165
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 27, 2012
      Presented by David Vine Associates, LLC

      Special Package Deals:

      Any 3 webinars regularly priced $49.95 for $130
      Any 4 webinars regularly priced $49.95 for $165
      Any 5 webinars regularly priced $49.95 for $205
      Any 6 webinars regularly priced $49.95 for $245

      Webinars are 90 minutes long unless otherwise noted.

      All Times Eastern

      Advanced Internet Search ($49.95)
      October 15 - 1 pm to 2:30 pm EDT
      Google Techniques and Advanced Search Forms - Understand the full range of capabilities. International Search and Translation - Use targeted search methods and related translation tool. Metasearch and Specialized Research - Learn concepts and methods of multiple search engines. People Search - Discover tools to focus search on individuals.

      Background Investigation Using Free Internet Sources ($49.95)
      October 19 - 3 pm to 4:30 pm EDT
      There are many free sources of information about individuals that are considered "open source" and usually more up to date than premium database services. This 90 minute webinar will introduce you to 25 of the best official and non-official free information sources.

      Cut Costs, Save Time, Know More and Do More With Internet - 150 minutes ($79.95)
      October 18 - 3 pm to 5:30 pm EDT
      Whether you're a solo professional or responsible for 1,000 employees, David Vine will provide the means to save significant amounts of money while increasing productivity and efficiency. In other words, "faster, better, cheaper!" You'll be amazed at the amount of money you can save by eliminating purchases of expensive software, license fees, costly purchased data and information, etc.

      Free Public Records via Internet ($49.95)
      October 16 - 1 pm to 2:30 pm EDT
      Learn how to gain access to a wide variety of public records and other related information to obtain background information on people and private companies. Save money you are spending on commercial databases of public record information. Understand what is and what is not available and the easy way to find this information in any state if the particular record or information is available in a specific jurisdiction.

      Free Software via Internet ($49.95)
      October 18 - 11 am to 12:30 pm EDT
      Budget cutting can be easier if you replace costly software and annual contracts with high-quality, reliable, and well supported free software. You can get better software at no charge using Internet. All freeware is not bug ridden and virus laden. This webinar shows you how to obtain it and get free support that often is far better than trying to understand an English as a Second Language tech support agent via low-cost international telephone link.

      Google To The Max ($49.95)
      October 16 - 11 am to 12:30 pm EDT
      Most people don't realize just how much this $29 Billion company provides free of charge. If you ever wanted to get your hands around Google's non-web-search resources, this webinar is for you. In just 90 minutes we'll cover little-known aspects of Google, including software and services provided free-of-charge. You will be amazed at the cost-savings and increased efficiency you can achieve by using Google to the maximum possible in your daily activities.

      International Information Gathering via Internet ($49.95)
      October 16 - 3 pm to 4:30 pm EDT
      Understand and use tools, techniques, concepts and methods to obtain required factual material from sources outside of the United States. Topics include: Geographic Overview; U.S. Government Information Sources; Unique "Sunshine" environment in each country; Search and Translation Techniques; Directories and Portals; Worldwide Information Gathering Methods; Country-Specific Source Examples.

      Internet Information Management ($49.95)
      October 17 - 1 pm to 2:30 pm EDT
      Using your existing as well as free software and services, you'll gain the tools and techniques to master information management without purchasing anything. A simple productivity enhancing process is explained and the easy-to-follow steps help you create a basic intelligence gathering and reporting system emphasizing automatic collection from Internet sources.

      Internet Privacy & Personal Data Removal ($49.95)
      October 18 - 1 pm to 2:30 pm EDT
      Learn various techniques to lower your visibility on the web including steps you can take to remove your private information from various databases. We'll also explore the many tools you can use to keep your information private and secure on and off the web.

      Link Analysis & Data Visualization ($49.95)
      October 19 - 1 pm to 2:30 pm EDT
      This webinar introduces the RFFlow software, its functions and provides examples of its use. The software is used to perform a variety of link analyses using auto-input from easy to create data files. The software also is capable of data visualization in many graphic layouts and has a variety of related functions. It may be purchased with the webinar for $40 ($9 discount off regular price of $49).

      Mobile Broadband Mastery ($49.95)
      October 15 - 11 am to 12:30 pm EDT
      This webinar provides valuable information about using your mobile device (smartphones and other related devices) to access and fully utilize high-speed Internet. We will cover some of the basics and present information that will help you to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of your mobile device and Internet connection.

      OpenOffice/Freeware Orientation - 60 minutes ($29.95)
      October 19 - 11 am to 12 pm EDT
      Experience a live demonstration of the array of features available in this spectacular free replacement for costly office suite software. Save hundreds of dollars by taking advantage of a worldwide programming effort supported by Sun Microsystems. You will gain an understanding of the vast array of safe, high-quality freeware available via Internet.

      Private Company Business Research Using Internet ($49.95)
      October 17 - 3 pm to 4:30 pm EDT
      Private company research can be very difficult due to a lack of information. However, if one knows where to look and how to utilize diverse data sources much more can be uncovered regarding a business that is not immediately apparent through conventional information sources. This 90 minute webinar and the accompanying PDF format slides with links will provide the tools, techniques, concepts and methods to help you do better business research.

      Social Networking for Professionals ($49.95)
      October 15 - 3 pm to 4:30 pm EDT
      This 90 minute webinar will provide an overview of the two most active communities - LinkedIn, Facebook and their often overlooked special features. Finding people and company information is just as important as projecting your professional persona. We'll also cover the best new search techniques as well as posting shortcuts and interconnections. This webinar will provide a jump start for people new to Social Networking and enlighten existing users by providing a review of the best tools and techniques available in this rapidly growing and important mode of communications.

      Web Site Evaluation ($49.95)
      October 17 - 11 am to 12:30 pm EDT
      Do you have a need to know about the validity of information on a website or the importance and significance of the site? This unique webinar will provide 25 techniques to answer the who, what, when, where, why and how questions relating to any web site on Internet.

      Each Webinar Includes A Copy Of The Slides Used, Which Include All Links.

      Register online (http://www.shop.davidvineassociates.com/category.sc?categoryId=13) or download the registration form (http://www.davidvineassociates.com/uploads/Webinar_Reg._Form1.pdf) and fax it to us at 803-649-1185 or mail it with a company check or purchase order (gov't entities only) to David Vine Associates, LLC at 963 Dougherty Road, Aiken, SC 29803.

      Monica Woodward
      David Vine Associates, LLC
      963 Dougherty Road
      Aiken, SCĀ  29803
      t: 803-649-1184
      f: 803-649-1185
      w: www.davidvineassociates.com
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