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How much trouble in CA in ??

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    Government Octopus Stifles Growth and Strangles California August 22, 2012 By Katy Grimes If forces are at work quelling America, the best place to start
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      Government Octopus Stifles Growth and Strangles California
      August 22, 2012 By Katy Grimes

      If forces are at work quelling America, the best place to start would be
      right here in California.

      California used to be the 6th largest economy in the world, with rich
      natural resources, prime agricultural land, the innovations of Silicon Valley,
      and a once envied education system.
      But the land of milk and honey has turned sour and bitter, full of
      entitlement, resentment, and class warfare, burdened under the nation’s highest
      taxes, the highest debt, and one half a trillion dollars in unfunded pension
      liability. California has the worst credit rating in the nation, the most
      illegal immigrants, and the most welfare recipients in the nation.
      Whether there are “forces” or not working to dismantle the great American
      experiment, the government is doing it for us–and California is first up at
      California: on the brink
      State government, with the help of the feds, dried up California’s Central
      Valley, the world’s agricultural Mecca, through a myriad of absurd water
      regulations, high taxing and environmental regulations, and managed to
      devastate the state’s primary resource. Adding insult to injury, Gov. Jerry Brown
      has decided to reuse much of the rich agricultural land for a $100 billion
      publicly funded high-speed train that no one in California wants.
      As if enough economic damage hasn’t already been done to the state, Brown
      recently announced that he would tear up the unique and plentiful Delta
      region in the state, and replace much of it with water tunnels to funnel
      Northern California water to the southern part of the state. While the southland
      needs water, tearing up more agricultural land isn’t the way to accomplish
      this — not if one is a sincere steward of the unique natural resources
      California has to offer.
      This is just more proof that Democrats are not conservationists, but
      extreme and irrational environmental posers. And they are so beholden to labor
      unions and other extreme interests, they are causing the deterioration of the
      golden state.
      In doing all of this damage to the state, Brown has ensured that the
      dwindling businesses will pay the price.
      Multicultural California
      Destroying California’s schools was easy. Instead of teaching everyone in
      English, California politicians and educators claimed they were “celebrating
      diversity,” and allowed English as a Second Language courses to take over
      Instead of allowing and encouraging all immigrants to keep and maintain
      their own languages, politicians have downgraded and degraded all education in
      the state.
      “It is a blessing for an individual to be bilingual; however, it is a curse
      for a society to be bilingual,” former Colorado Governor Dick Lamm said in
      a speech.
      “Diversity” was not the charge of government education, nor was the goal
      high-paying jobs and employment for adults.
      But liberals hijacked the schools, and on the way forgot about educating
      kids. Today’s California public schools are ranked last in the nation, but
      the teachers are paid really well.
      Manufacturing: the last frontier
      In California, those who sit in government offices have labeled people who
      create businesses “polluters.” Lawyers and bureaucrats, who receive
      government paychecks and create nothing other than impossible hurdles for people
      in business, are behind the regulations. And they do this in order to keep
      government growing.
      I worked in manufacturing for 20 years and witnessed first hand the
      strangling regulations California bureaucrats impose on manufacturers. Even when
      business owners comply with the regulations, bureaucrats up the anty and
      impose more impossible regulations. And it is our politicians allowing this.
      If politicians were sincere about their hatred of bullying, they would
      first look within government and end the bullying of business owners by petty
      government bureaucrats.
      The government fog
      Government is like a fog, filling in every possible crevice with its cold,
      wet, harsh fingers.
      Look at government — it’s everywhere. The owner of a property can’t even
      turn the power on in his own building without applying for a permit from the
      city before calling the power company.
      We can’t travel without the Transportation Security Administration
      breathing down our backs, and dumping out our hairspray, shampoo and lotions–rules
      imposed by lamebrain bureaucrats.
      Our public schools have become detrimental to many kids, instead of the
      wonderful, safe , stimulating halls of learning they once were.
      As the private sector has deteriorated under the imposition of government
      rules, regulations, taxes, and cheating, bureaucrats and politicians are
      getting rich, living well beyond their pay grades, and making secret deals
      with faceless power brokers for future wealth.
      Public corruption is killing the private sector. Government is run by men
      and women who largely base their decisions on how they can grow government,
      and personally benefit from it.
      “In short, our top pundits, our political elites, our very president all
      believe that they can blast the unfairness of high capitalism while doing
      everything in their power to enjoy its dividends — and demand an ethical
      standard from others that they habitually do not meet themselves,” said Victor
      Davis Hansen.
      (Katy Grimes is a longtime political analyst, writer and journalist, and
      CalWatchdog’s news reporter. Originally posted on _CalWatchdog_
      (http://www.calwatchdog.com/) .)

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