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Re: [infoguys-list] Who Do You Report A PI Problem To?

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  • jayne bongard
    Rick I could have sent 50 or 100. But he wanted a lot more than that although I did not think it was unreasonable. I truly had good honest intentions of paying
    Message 1 of 6 , Aug 20, 2012
      Rick I could have sent 50 or 100. But he wanted a lot more than that
      although I did not think it was unreasonable. I truly had good honest
      intentions of paying him his fee and expected to receive some money.
      Because of something beyond my control related to this case I did not get
      it as I should have.
      I'm sorry u feel u should not have wasted his time with me but also believe
      given what I sent he should have seen the end pay off and amount of money
      involved as he is supposedly an expert in financial crimes. Its all good
      though. 2 attorneys have seen through the smoke and hopefully everything
      will be concluded in the next 2 months.
      On Aug 16, 2012 2:07 PM, "RickyG" <rmriinc@...> wrote:

      > **
      > I tried to stay out of this, but there are just a few issues here that
      > needs to be addressed.
      > First, some very brief background. I referred this lady to Bill Branscum.
      > I did this because it seemed that he case dealt with corruption issues,
      > some financial issues, and it was in Florida. Primarily in this case, when
      > I heard that there were some financial issues; I mentioned Bill's name.
      > Bill Branscum's name is the FIRST name I mention to anyone that has a case
      > involving financial issues that need to be examined. In my opinion, Bill
      > Branscum is the "Go To Guy" for investigations involving financial issues.
      > I know that I am sending a prospective client to a well credentialed,
      > highly experienced Investigator that knows what he is doing when I refer
      > that person to Bill Branscum. I am just sorry that this turned into an
      > ordeal that wasted Bill's time.
      > Jayne, here is one of the issues that I have. First, I know you don't have
      > a lot of money; but surely you could have afforded $50.00 or $100.00 for
      > Bill spending his time going over this case with you? It might not have
      > been much, but Bill is a reasonable and fair man that is willing to help
      > anyone out just for the asking. You would have at least shown Bill that you
      > were trying to respect his time and his experience if you would have made
      > this small payment for his time and experience. I am wondering why that did
      > not occur to you?
      > Secondly, now after you have kept him on the phone and writing emails to
      > you for FREE, FREELY giving you advice, and FREELY guiding you though what
      > to do and what not to do in a case like this; you "flaunt" this case in his
      > face and tell him how he will read about it in the paper? Really? That is
      > how you return his acts of kindness to you? I would have thought that you
      > would have shown some contrition? I would have thought that you would have
      > publicly thanked him for his time and efforts, and mentioned that if you do
      > receive some award for damages in your case, you will settle up with him? I
      > mean it is not like you were getting some advice from some "wanna-be
      > Private Investigator" that managed to get his licensed. The advice you got
      > was from a well respected, highly experienced, superbly credentialed
      > Investigator that specializes in financial crimes cases, and has worked
      > some of the largest cases that I know of any Private Investigator working.
      > I can not understand why you would not be grateful for his time, and
      > apologetic for not being able to pay him for it. It just seems like the
      > decent thing to do; to me......
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