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Special Investigations Training-NYC-Sept 12 2012

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  • Steven
    Do you know how to conduct international investigations and due diligence or screen persons and companies overseas? Locate and obtain assets and documents in
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      Do you know how to conduct international investigations and due
      diligence or screen persons and companies overseas? Locate and obtain
      assets and documents in foreign countries? Do you know how to manage
      undercover investigations (or detect undercover investigations
      targeting you)? Can you detect and bust a false identity? Prevent
      penetrations? Deal with investigative or forensic email and Internet
      issues? Or do you need to be introduced to these critical
      investigative skills?

      SOCIETY of PROFESSIONAL INVESTIGATORS and Association of Certified
      Financial Crime Specialists-IAAR present

      International Financial Crime Conference

      Sheraton New York
      12 September 2012


      On 12 September 2012, the Society of Professional Investigators (SPI)
      will be offering a full-day Special Investigations training seminar.
      This seminar will be offered as a pre-conference event in conjunction
      with the ACFCS’ International Financial Crime Conference and will
      provide nine (9) NASBA (accepted by ASIS, ACFE, etc.) and BCIP-
      approved Continuing Education (CE) hours of instruction in the
      following topics:

      • International Investigations and Due Diligence

      • Undercover Operations

      • Electronic Mail Tracing and Internet Profiling

      • Medical Examiner Operations and Notorious Cases

      The words “world-class” and “unique” are too often misused in
      connection with training events and speakers, but they truly apply to
      the presenters and courses offered at this seminar. All of the
      panelists and presenters are recognized as true subject matter
      experts (SMEs) and leaders in their fields. Each panelist and
      instructor possesses 20 years or more of “real word” experience “in
      the field”.

      Total cost for full-day instruction, including breakfast, lunch and 9
      CEs, is $295.00. To register directly with SPI, please use the linked
      registration form at: http://www.spievent.com/12Septapp.pdf. To
      register online, see: http://www.financialcrimeconference.com/pre-

      Persons attending this event can also register for the ACFCS's full
      conference at a huge reduction in cost. (To obtain a $600.00 discount
      off the ACFCS' conference rate, when registering online select the
      "Government Rate" and enter "srambam" for your discount Code.)

      Please see below for detailed information on the Special
      Investigations pre-conference track's speakers and sessions.



      0745-0845 -

      Arrival and Registration

      Breakfast (Included)



      "Electronic Mail Tracing and Internet Profiling"

      Instructor: Brian K. Ingram

      Understanding Electronic Mail (e-mail) systems and being able to
      trace, further investigate and exploit e-mail and other electronic
      messages is a critical skill for all investigative professionals.
      Attendees completing this seminar will gain a working knowledge of
      electronic mail systems, will learn how to trace e-mail messages back
      to the sender and how to profile the identified suspect(s).

      Brian Ingram has served in numerous law enforcement positions,
      running the full gamut from Patrol Officer to Chief of Police. Brian
      is currently a licensed Investigator, and is recognized as one of the
      foremost authorities on computer forensics and cyber-investigation.
      Brian has trained more than 1,500 Investigators and 850 law
      enforcement officers and has testified as an expert witness numerous

      Seminar Components:

      I. Definitions and Resources

      (I.P. Addresses, Dynamic I.P, Static I.P. Address, InterNic,
      Whois, DNS, ARIN, Finger, ESMTP, Munging, Headers, etc.)

      II. E-Mail Tracing

      (Keys to tracing, Header analysis, SMTP Verify, Finger, step-
      by-step instruction for the tracing process, SMTP Example, Finger
      Example, Header Example and Explanation, rDNS Example and explanation
      of geographic coding of servers, Finger-ing a Server Example and how
      to accomplish, WHOIS Databases, Configuring Spade, Utilities at Your
      Command, rDNS, Traceroute, New Techniques for WHOIS, etc.)

      III. Internet Profiling

      (Deep Web: what it is and how you find it, searching content
      databases, government databases and Advanced Search Switches)



      LUNCH (included)

      Speaker: Dr. Michael Baden

      Dr. Michael M. Baden, a captivating speaker, is the former Chief
      Medical Examiner of New York City, a board certified forensic
      pathologist and an accomplished author. In addition to maintaining a
      private practice, Dr. Baden is the co-Director of the New York State
      Police Medico-Legal Investigation Unit.

      Michael Baden has served as the President of the Society of Medical
      Jurisprudence and Vice President of the American Academy of Forensic
      Sciences. He was the Chairman of the Forensic Pathology Panel of the
      U.S. Congress Select Committee on assassinations that investigated
      the deaths of President John F. Kennedy and Dr. Martin Luther King,
      Jr. Dr. Baden has been involved as an expert in forensic pathology
      in many cases of international interest, including the examination of
      the remains of Tsar Nicholas of Russia and his family, the death of
      John Belushi, the re-autopsy of Medgar Evers, Civil Rights Leader,
      the death of Billy Martin, the deaths of Mary Beth Tinning's nine
      children, the exhumation and re-autopsy of the five Hoyt children who
      were murdered by their mother, the re-examination of the Lindbergh
      kidnapping and murder, and autopsies of the victims of TWA Flight 800.


      1300 - 1515

      “International Investigations and Due Diligence”

      Speaker and Moderator: Steven Rambam

      Panelists and Speakers: Theodore Kavowras
      Michael Griffith, Esq.

      As the world becomes a smaller place, and the world’s Mafias, spies,
      fraudsters and criminal gangs – and millions of ordinary foreign
      citizens - flock to the United States, being able to conduct
      investigations of foreign persons, locate overseas witnesses and
      evidence, perform due diligence overseas, and bring the results back
      in a legal and “introducible” manner, has become a basic required
      skill for the active Investigative Professional.

      This seminar will provide an overview of how to conduct investigative
      activities worldwide, including how to locate witnesses, obtain
      evidence and documents, verify or “bust” identities and credentials,
      conduct due diligence activities and, most important, how to find and
      safely retain professional assistance anywhere for any investigative

      (Areas reviewed will include: False Identities; activity prior to
      retaining an investigative vendor; preliminary information to be
      obtained via domestic interviews, field investigation and database
      research; U.S. and Foreign Identifiers; Transliteration "Problems";
      Domestic and Foreign Business Activities; Practicing Safe
      Subcontracting (FCRA, GLB, DPPA, DPPA-2, FCPA, EU Privacy Laws
      etc.); Hiring Local Investigators v. "Send Your Own"; Personal and
      Business Concerns (Danger, local customs and your ability to do the
      work, Cost vs. Time, Licensing); "Bad Lawyer Tricks"; what are
      "typical" basic local documents and what is "public record"; who can
      "certify; “Patriots” (political concerns, anti-American attitudes,
      what if the crime is "sanctioned"); "Is it Bribery or is it a 'Fee'”;
      how U.S. law enforcement practices can assist criminals (esp.
      jurisdictional and "threshold" issues); local evidence gathering laws.)

      STEVEN RAMBAM is the Director of Pallorium, Inc., an Investigative
      Agency with offices and affiliates worldwide. Since 1981, Steven has
      coordinated investigations in more than fifty countries, and in
      nearly every U.S. State and Canadian province. Steven specializes in
      international and multi-jurisdictional investigations, investigations
      of sophisticated frauds and missing person investigations. Steven
      Rambam and Pallorium have conducted or coordinated hundreds of
      foreign insurance-related investigations, including more than 500
      homicide and "death claim" investigations. A significant number of
      these cases have resulted in arrests and prosecution. Many of Mr.
      Rambam's investigations involve coordination with national
      authorities, and Steven has received commendations and awards in a
      number of foreign locations. Steven has also received a number of
      foreign military decorations, and his activities have been mentioned
      in the Canadian and Israeli Parliaments. Steven is perhaps best
      publicly known for his pro bono activities, which have included the
      location and investigation of nearly 200 Nazi collaborators and war
      criminals, coordination of investigations to expose terrorist groups'
      fundraising activities and activities which resulted in the
      tightening of airport security in 8 U.S. cities. During the past
      thirty years more than one thousand (1,000) newspapers and magazines
      and television broadcasts have reported on Steven's activities.
      Steven holds the "CFE” "CPP", "PSP", "PCI" and “CSAR” board
      certifications and is the Chairman of SPI’s “BCIP” and Education

      TED KAVOWRAS is a seasoned Investigator, the Director of Panoramic
      Investigations and a retired NYPD Police Officer and Federal law
      enforcement veteran. Based in Hong Kong and China, Ted has been
      running international and undercover investigations since 1995 and
      has more than 8,000 cases to his credit. Ted currently operates one
      of Hong Kong’s largest Investigative Agencies and also works directly
      with INTERPOL, Hong Kong Customs and PSB (Public Security Bureau)
      Authorities in China to combat counterfeiting and other financial
      crimes. Ted has been featured in dozens of newspaper and television
      stories and has been the subject of two books and a National
      Geographic Documentary “Illicit, the Dark Trade”. Despite his public
      notoriety, Ted has maintained his ability to conduct undercover
      operations by using a range of remarkable disguises and identities.

      MICHAEL GRIFFITH was admitted to practice law in the State and
      Federal Courts in 1973 and is a partner of International Legal
      Defense Counsel with offices in Southampton, New York and Atlanta,
      Georgia. He is an experienced International Lawyer who has counseled
      clients in over twenty-five countries regarding international
      criminal matters. Michael has testified before the United States
      Senate as an expert witness and has lectured before the International
      Bar Association on "Legal Problems of Traveling Abroad" and on the
      representation of Americans incarcerated overseas.


      1530 - 1800

      “Undercover Investigations – Operations and Implementation”

      Speakers and Panelists: Joaquin “Jack Garcia
      Philip P. Scala
      Theodore “Ted” Kavowras
      John Negus

      Moderator and Panelist: Steven Rambam

      Implementation and management of undercover investigations is a
      critical area of knowledge for Investigators, Detectives, Security
      Directors, fraud fighters of all kinds and for nearly everyone "above
      the rank of Patrolman".
      Legal and operational pitfalls facing today's undercover operator are
      more serious than ever and range from license-threatening to life-
      threatening. The Internet and "dox-ing" have made most undercover
      identities "a mile wide but only an inch deep". Facial recognition
      can destroy even the most carefully constructed cover identity. Rogue
      Investigators may be working for your targets and helping to bust
      your operative's cover. New federal and state laws restrict the use
      of cover identities and areas of undercover operation.
      This seminar, presented by a panel consisting of arguably some of the
      United States’ most experienced undercover agents, will provide an
      overview of the dramatically increasing risks for the Undercover
      Operative and the agencies employing undercover agents.

      JOAQUIN “JACK” GARCIA is a retired FBI Agent, who is regarded as one
      of the most successful and prolific agents in the history of the FBI.
      Jack is also considered by many to be the foremost hands-on expert in
      undercover criminal investigations in the United States. Jack
      successfully operated as an undercover special agent for 24 out of
      his 26 years of federal service, conducting more than 100 undercover
      operations without ever being detected.
      Jack, who began his storied FBI career during May 1980, first
      became known for his successful cases against corrupt politicians in
      Atlantic City, and corrupt police officers in the Hollywood Police
      Department, the Broward County Sheriff's Office; Boston Police
      Department and in the San Juan Police Department. Jack is also
      internationally known for his work as a legendary undercover agent,
      building successful cases against hundreds of drug dealers and
      leaders of the Colombian and Mexican drug cartels, while posing as a
      money launderer, drug transporter or drug trafficker. He has done
      undercover work on international terrorism cases as well as National
      Security investigations. Jack has also worked undercover against
      Russian and Asian organized crime groups. Amazingly, Jack worked on
      many of these cases simultaneously, as he juggled his various
      undercover identities and roles.
      Jack’s most famous case involved posing as "Jack Falcone," a 6’5”
      380 lb. Sicilian gangster, jewel thief and drug dealer from Miami,
      Florida, and successfully penetrating the Gambino Mafia crime family.
      That case resulted in the arrest and conviction of 32 mobsters,
      including the top members of the Gambino crime family, Arnold
      Squitieri and Anthony Megale.
      While undercover, Jack played his hoodlum role so convincingly
      that Gregory DePalma, a Gambino family capo, offered him the position
      of “made man” (sworn Mafia soldier). If Jack had continued in his
      undercover role, he could have been the first law enforcement officer
      to become a member of the Italian Mafia.
      Jack’s life and cases have been the subject of hundreds of
      television and newspaper articles and were detailed in his 2008 book,
      "Making Jack Falcone".

      PHILIP P. SCALA is a retired F.B.I. Supervisory Special Agent and the
      Director of Pathfinder Consultants International. Philip has five
      years of significant undercover experience, and his past law
      enforcement activities have included a number of notorious GWOT,
      national security and major crime cases (Sarin Gas investigation;
      Mafia witness Sammy Gravavo; Lufthansa Skyjacking; 1993 World Trade
      Center (WTC) Bombing, Al Qaeda Bomb Factory Raid, Queens, NY; TWA
      Flight 800; World Trade Center Attack, 9/11/01; NYC Anthrax
      Investigation, etc.)

      JOHN NEGUS is a consultant, trainer and Executive Protection services
      provider, and currently the Vice President of International
      Protection Group, LLC, having retired as a Detective with the New
      York Police Department’s Intelligence Division. John has significant
      experience conducting and coordinating undercover operations.

      THEODORE “TED” KAVOWRAS (see previous seminar for full bio) has
      conducted and coordinated undercover operations and intellectual
      property-related “stings” throughout China and Asia. Posing as a
      corrupt buyer or a fellow criminal, Ted has personally penetrated
      dozen of Asian criminal operations, resulting in dozens of arrests
      and successful prosecutions.

      STEVEN RAMBAM (see previous seminar for full bio) has conducted and
      coordinated numerous undercover operations worldwide, in locations
      ranging from Brazil to China to the Gaza Strip to Brooklyn, resulting
      in the capture and conviction of forgers, fraudsters, identity
      thieves, murderers and war criminals. Steven’s most noteworthy
      undercover operation involved him going undercover for two years as
      “Professor Salvatore Romano” of the fictitious “Saint Paul’s
      University of the Americas” and resulted in the successful location
      and undercover interviews of 58 Nazi war criminals and subsequent
      identifications and deportations and/or arrests in Canada and Germany.


      1800 –

      END of Seminar

      Collect speaker reviews; distribute CE and SPI Program certificates.


      1900 –

      Networking Dinner for Speakers and Attendees

      (optional; off-site location TBA)


      Questions, assistance and additional information, please contact:

      Bruce Sackman, President

      Steven Rambam, V.P. and Education Chairman
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