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Need A PI In Pennsylvania

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    Hi List: I am posting a message from an acquaintence who needs a PI in Pennsylvania. Please respond to her directly at scashley@mindspring.com. Please do not
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 7, 2000
      Hi List:

      I am posting a message from an acquaintence who needs a PI in Pennsylvania.
      Please respond to her directly at scashley@.... Please do not
      respond to the list.

      Thanks for your attention,
      Bill Shelton

      * ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *
      * ~~~ Case Background and Details: ~~~ *
      * ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *
      Here is the story:

      Need investigator to do a background check on daughter's boyfriend. I am
      most interested in what he is not telling us that is sending off warning
      signals not just to me, but to many others as well.

      This person recently moved here [Washington, DC area] from Lanacster County,
      PA where he has lived his whole life. He is 25 and a [occupation] for a
      local [business type] company.
      He has no credit cards and refuses to get one. He has my daughter (age 23)
      put everything on her cards. He is discouraging her from finishing her last
      year of nursing school.
      He is extremely moody, verbally abusive and has a trigger temper.

      This is pretty much every mother's nightmare. My daughter's personality has
      totally changed and she has no motivation, no self esteem and no perkiness
      left that used to be her trademark. I thought at first I was imagining
      things and never would have pursued it further, but 6 people have commented
      to me about this relationship (nursing school teachers, friends and her boss
      at the hospital). So I don't think it is just me now.

      When I sit down to talk to her, I need to have any information available to
      me. I know some of this information is privileged, but I though I would list
      everything I want to know and see what I am allowed to have.

      My questions:
      Why does he not have credit? Bad credit.???..if so why?
      Does he have a drinking problem?
      Psychiatric history?
      Criminal History?
      Why did the previous engagement break off?
      Is there a history of domestic violence or any other similar problem (fights
      at bars, etc.)?
      He claims to have had a bad childhood and does not speak to his
      mother...what is with that?
      Traffic Violations/Arrest record?

      This would probably require someone going to Lancaster, PA to interview some
      people, talk to the old girlfriend, check public records, his mom, etc.

      Please reply to:

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