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Week in Review: Top 25 Stories Aggregated by PI Newswire

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    We would like to wish everyone a safe & happy Memorial Day long weekend, and more importantly remember and honor the fallen soldier. Please find the top 25
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      We would like to wish everyone a safe & happy Memorial Day long weekend, and more importantly remember and honor the fallen soldier.

      Please find the top 25 headlining stories, current events, professional opinion and industry insights aggregated by PI Newswire for the week ending May 27, 2012. It's a jam-packed edition with fantastic articles ranging from the bizarre to educational and everything else in-between covering a multitude of topics.

      We encourage you to join us socially on any of the below networks, comment, share your thoughts, opinions and experiences. Enjoy, have a wonderful week & stay safe!

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      Fake Instagram app infects Android devices with malware http://bit.ly/Jv1Nag

      Undercover MPAA Agents, Private Investigator Expose Alleged Movie Pirates http://bit.ly/Jv1Rqn

      `Revenge porn' website – FBI turns up the heat: Private investigators daughter a victim http://bit.ly/JWpObi

      `Dog the Bounty Hunter' cancelled by A&E http://bit.ly/JmblnV

      Three security officers commit suicide at client's property http://bit.ly/Jv23Gg

      Black Bloc: Men in black Have Violent Agenda According to Private Detective http://bit.ly/JWpPvS

      In-car spy cams beating fines http://bit.ly/Jv29O6

      Surveillance by Private Investigators and the Law http://bit.ly/Jv2ctb

      INFOGRAPHIC: The Case for Pre-Employment Background Checks http://bit.ly/Jv2gcx

      How internet revenge by an ex-partner can lead to horrific violence http://bit.ly/Jv2iBh

      Security guard collapsed, died after apprehending shoplifter, suspect facing murder charges http://bit.ly/Jv2lwS

      Dog the Bounty Hunter Possible New TV Series Prompts Trademark Issue http://bit.ly/Jv2oZB

      Learn the Simple Tricks to the Art of Persuasion: Infographic http://bit.ly/JInzXh

      10 Tips for Asking Effective Investigative Interview Questions http://bit.ly/Jv2vUQ

      Cops: Tech Exec Built Stolen `Legoland' in $2M Home http://bit.ly/Jv2znx

      Process Server Punched Out, Kicked in Groin http://bit.ly/Lt869M

      West New York mayor arrested by FBI on hacking charges http://bit.ly/Jv2Ln0

      Chatting or Cheating: Recognizing when an online relationship has gone too far http://bit.ly/KtKswR

      iFound you: Woman posts pictures from her stolen iPhone to Facebook http://bit.ly/LtQ9rz

      Travolta Lawyer Hires PI: Will Investigate Lawyer, National Inquirer Over Gay Sex Abuse Lawsuit http://bit.ly/Jv2XCB

      Police spy bikes http://bit.ly/JMqzxe

      13 Prospective Tenant Red Flags http://bit.ly/JInyCx

      FBI quietly forms secretive Net-surveillance unit http://bit.ly/Lt855G

      Organized Retail Crime: How to fight the new breed of shoplifter http://bit.ly/JWpY2k

      How to Hide Your Tweets from Google http://bit.ly/JgIuOd

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