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Week in Review: Top 25 Stories by PI Newswire

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    Please find the top 25 headlining stories, current events, professional opinion and industry insights aggregated by PI Newswire for the week ending May 20,
    Message 1 of 2 , May 20, 2012
      Please find the top 25 headlining stories, current events, professional opinion and industry insights aggregated by PI Newswire for the week ending May 20, 2012. It's a jam-packed edition with fantastic articles ranging from the bizarre to educational and everything else in-between covering a multitude of topics.

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      5 ways criminals use Facebook http://bit.ly/JgAaBK

      Self-adapting Computer Network Defends Itself against Hackers http://bit.ly/JgAgcm

      Mobile App for Process Servers to be Released http://bit.ly/JgDeOa

      Dog the Bounty Hunter and Family Receiving Death Threats, FBI Investigates http://bit.ly/JgDwEP

      Married Women Who Cheat Have More Secret Lovers and Stray A Year Earlier Than Men http://bit.ly/JgAobX

      Cops Tase a Pregnant Woman Three Times for Speeding http://bit.ly/JgAy2Y

      10 People You Should Always Have a Background Check On http://bit.ly/JgAEYm

      Private investigators are selling access to financial and criminal records http://bit.ly/JgE6SX

      Buddhist monk accused of beating fellow monk to death at Grand Bay temple http://bit.ly/JgEgK3

      Woman stabs husband in hospital over alleged affairs http://bit.ly/JgEpx9

      Cheating Spouses in Malaysia, Beware – Private Eyes are Watching http://bit.ly/JgF2qq

      MP's Told About Bugging Device During Inquiry into Murky World of Private Investigators http://bit.ly/JgF7KB

      Umbrella stab victim dies of mercury poisoning http://bit.ly/JgFaGp

      Two City Employees Fired After Mayor Retains Private Investigator to Follow Them http://bit.ly/JgAHn1

      Facebook adultery trend rising as people find long, lost flings http://bit.ly/JgAO29

      Police Can Scan Between the Lines with License Plate Readers http://bit.ly/JgAQH6

      Facebook detectives thaw cold case http://bit.ly/JgAWhZ

      Bounty Hunters Arrested After Entering West Tulsa Home http://bit.ly/JgB1lZ

      Cheating Signs: How To Tell If Your Spouse Is Cheating (Video) http://bit.ly/IRvZZe

      Man Accused of Holding Process Server at Gunpoint on Advice of Lawyer http://bit.ly/IRyawb

      Outlaw mountain men and extremists roam the Rockies http://bit.ly/JgBep7

      Skip Trace 101 http://bit.ly/JgBgNO

      New Forensics Tool Can Slurp a Phone's Data via the Cloud http://bit.ly/JgBkNr

      Wells Fargo Uses Background Checks to Discover Employee Criminal Records http://bit.ly/JgCuIS

      How scammers can steal your credit card information at the gas pump http://bit.ly/JgCRDa

      Process Server Nabs Russian Billionaire With Lawsuit While Boarding Private Jet on Airport Tarmac http://bit.ly/JgDRHE

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