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Internet For Investigators Workshop Schedule

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  • Monica Woodward
    March 26-27 - Charlotte, NC April 19-20 - Valhalla, NY April 23-24 - Bridgeport, CT April 26-27 - New Brunswick, NJ April 30-May 1 - Richmond, VA May 14-15 -
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      March 26-27 - Charlotte, NC

      April 19-20 - Valhalla, NY
      April 23-24 - Bridgeport, CT
      April 26-27 - New Brunswick, NJ
      April 30-May 1 - Richmond, VA

      May 14-15 - Virginia Beach, VA

      June 4-5 - Phoenix, AZ
      June 7-8 - El Paso, TX
      June 11-12 - Humble, TX
      June 25-26 - Charleston, SC
      June 28-29 - Myrtle Beach, SC

      9 am to 4 pm each day

      Full location details are available at http://www.davidvineassociates.com/IFI-workshop.html

      A listing of state agency approvals is available at http://www.davidvineassociates.com/Agency_Approvals.html

      Presented in 47 states since 1996, David Vine's unique learning
      opportunities have helped more than 10,000 professionals better utilize
      Internet. This program is appropriate for the majority of computer users
      with average computer and Internet skills and a desire to find more
      relevant information faster and manage that information more efficiently
      with existing or free services and software.

      Day 1
      Free Tools, Techniques, Concepts and Methods to Cut Costs, Save Time, Know More & Do More With Internet
      DVASEMINAR Group Sign-up and Overview
      Locate/Background People
      Research Private Companies
      Techniques to Investigate Web Sites
      Email Tracing, Logs & Free Specialized Software For Hard Drive Examination
      Free Public Records Availability, Quality and Timeliness Versus Commercial Investigative Databases
      Information Management Including Free Tools To Plan, Retrieve, Organize, Analyze & Communicate

      Day 2
      Google Advanced Search & Special Commands
      Deep Web Techniques Including People Metasearch
      International Search Techniques and Free Translation
      Specialized Search To Find Items For Sale, Multimedia Files, Etc. and Free Monitoring Services
      Search Using Geographic and/or Other Criteria
      Directories, Gateways & Portals To Find Information
      Social Networks - Special Techniques To Find People, Posts and Software For Link Analysis of Friends
      News Sources - Six Ways To Work With News Sources Within Various Time Frames

      Workshop participants receive a file with the presentation slides in
      Adobe Acrobat format. The slides have Internet links so participants can
      practice techniques throughout the day. David Vine operates the
      DVASEMINAR Group (3,200+ members, open only to workshop attendees. It
      provides a Q&A email list, links and other resources.) and the Open
      Source Intelligence Gathering group (1,250+ members, open to LinkedIn
      members). The DVASEMINAR Group provides 5,000 links to free public
      records and related information, a two-way discussion list and
      downloadable documents and freeware. The OSIG membership ranges from
      entry level to top executives in many countries who are interested in
      the subject and want to network with each other.

      The cost for the two-day workshop is $425 per person with a $50 per
      person discount when one organization registers three or more people at
      one time. Registrations received with payment (credit card, check or
      money order) in our office at least 15 days prior to the workshop date
      earn a 10% discount.

      Register online
      or download the registration form
      (http://www.davidvineassociates.com/uploads/Workshop_Reg._Form1.pdf) and
      fax it to us at 803-649-1185 or mail it with a check or purchase order
      to David Vine Associates, LLC at 963 Dougherty Road, Aiken, SC 29803.

      For additional information call 803-649-1184 or visit http://www.davidvineassociates.com/IFI-workshop.html.

      Thank you,

      Monica Woodward
      David Vine Associates, LLC
      963 Dougherty Road
      Aiken, SC 29803
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