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ISPLA ALERT HR 4112 Security Related

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  • Peter Psarouthakis
    Legislation introduced by Congressman Thomas Marino (R-PA-10), if passed, will allow DOJ Authorized Third Party Screeners to Conduct FBI Checks in Instances
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 8, 2012
      Legislation introduced by Congressman Thomas Marino (R-PA-10), if passed,
      will allow DOJ Authorized Third Party Screeners to Conduct FBI Checks in
      Instances Where States Do Not Provide for Such.

      The National Association of Security Companies (NASCO), representing
      contract private security companies, has endorsed H.R. 4112, the Private
      Security Officer Screening Improvement Act (PSOSIA), introduced March 6 by
      Representative Thomas Marino (R-PA-10).

      In 2004, Congress passed the PSOEAA, the Private Security Officer Employment
      Authorization Act, recognizing the need for employers of private security
      officers to have access to an important criminal background check -- the FBI
      criminal history record check. However, the PSOEAA required such checks to
      be conducted by a state government agency, and unfortunately, too many
      states still do not provide the checks for all security officers eligible to
      be checked under the PSOEAA. This effectively means that tens if not
      hundreds of thousands of security officers in the United States work without
      a full FBI check of their criminal history.

      The PSOSIA amends the Private Security Officer Employment Authorization Act
      (PSOEAA) to allow Department of Justice authorized "screening entities" to
      conduct FBI checks on private security officers, as provided for in the
      PSOEAA, for authorized employers when such checks are not available from the
      State of employment.

      "The PSOSIA will dramatically increase availability of FBI criminal
      background checks for all private security officers," said Jeff Flint,
      Executive Director of NASCO, "and that will make the public safer. The
      public wants to know that when they rely on a private security officer for
      their safety as they do in so many venues, that officer has been subject to
      a background check. It's that simple."

      The PSOSIA would allow employers of security officers, to go through a
      Department of Justice-authorized "screening entity" for an FBI check when
      the state of employment does not provide the check. A "screener" is defined
      as a third-party entity authorized by DOJ to access FBI criminal records and
      provide background checks for employers. Third party entities are already
      being used for congressionally authorized FBI background checks in fields
      such as banking, nursing homes, financial securities, and others. Their use
      should also be expanded to private security. ISPLA has been actively working
      to gain similar access for other entities and for additional purposes.

      "NASCO has always been at the forefront of increasing standards and
      professionalism in private security," continued Flint. "The current gap in
      the PSOEAA is a public safety and homeland security risk and it must be

      ISPLA supports this legislation and applauds NASCO's work in lobbying for
      this important legislation. We also urge Congress to act quickly to adopt

      Bruce Hulme, ISPLA Director of Government Affairs - www.ISPLA.org

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