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Fwd: Profit Sharing for GPS Tracking Distributors!

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  • Ronald DeCaro
    I got this from somewhere and though might be of interest to some of you. Ronald R. DeCaro INTEGRATED INSURANCE INVESTIGATIONS California License No. PI21993
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 13, 2012
      I got this from somewhere and though might be of interest to some of you.

      Ronald R. DeCaro
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      Subject: Profit Sharing for GPS Tracking Distributors!

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      Profit Sharing NowAvailable!


      TrackingTheWorld, Inc. is currently seeking partnershipswith vendors and distributors for our new profit sharing program whichprovides generous monthly recurring income based on GPS tracking softwaresubscriptions. Beginning with just 10 subscriptions, you can start earning25%-40% profit on the software subscriptions you sell to your customers.

      Examples of Your UNLIMITEDProfit Sharing Potential withTrackingTheWorld

      A profit sharing partner charging $59.95 a month for500 devices would earn approx. $10,990.00 in residualincome per month!

      $131,880.00 per year!

      A profit sharing partner charging $39.95 per month for1,500 activated devices would earn approx. $20,970.00 per month!

      $251,640.00 per year!

      Earning examples are based on the specifiedsubscription rate and 6-months of prepaid service.

      Our profit sharing opportunity is also openfor existing distributors and businesses desiring to earn more than theircurrent profit sharing program offers.

      You Choose theSubscription Fee for Your Customers:

      With two pricing options available, $39.95 per monthand $59.95 per month, the amount you earn depends on the pricing option youchoose. Choosing the $59.95 subscription rate givesprofit sharing partners the ability to earn more. Subscriptions are billedin advance for 3, 6 or 12-month periods. Incentives are available forcustomers who wish to subscribe for longer periods. Subscriptionscontinue until the customer cancels.

      More Examples of Your UNLIMITED

      Earning Potential with TrackingTheWorld:

      Aprofit sharing partner charging $59.95 per month for 350 devices would earn$7,693.00 in residual income every month!

      $92,316.00 per year!

      Aprofit sharing partner with 750 activated devices charging $59.95 permonth would earn $16,485.00 per month.!

      $197,820.00 per year!

      How To Get Started as a Profit SharingPartner:

      It's Easy andFREE...

      Submit a Distributor Application:

      Every profit sharing participant must be anapproved

      TrackingTheWorld Distributor.

      The Requirements for Becoming a DistributorAre:

      1.Participants must have an improved website fromdedicated to selling GPS tracking equipment and/or consumerelectronics.

      2. Website must include credit card processingcapabilities.

      Profit Sharing Program available only to U.S.Distributors.


      For MoreInformation:

      Visit: www.trackingtheworld.com

      Email: sales@...



      Established in 2003,TrackingTheWorld is the World’s leader in GPS tracking equipment andsoftware. With an exclusive focus on GPS tracking, the company isglobally-recognized as a foremost resource for GPS trackingsolutions.

      TrackingTheWorld, Inc.

      1633 Bayshore Hwy. Suite 390

      Burlingame, CA 94010

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